A Science Odyssey: Mysteries of the Universe - Documentary

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A Science Odyssey: Mysteries of the Universe - Documentary 4

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At 37:50

Me: *looks at hands* 🤨 *clap* *clap* 😮

Everyone else in my house: "What are you doing?"

Author — Jonathan Matta


Came here to sleep, ended up learning instead 😂

Author — Monica C


I have "watched this" easily 100 times... and by "watched" I mean listened to it as I drift in and out of sleep.

Author — Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch


46:58 - 49:04 is one of my favorite experiments of all time. The variations, too.

Author — TheBo0mer


When you see Neil Degrasse Tyson looks so young in this video.

Author — Son Goku


I fell asleep listening to classical music with auto play on and I woke up with this

Author — Sax and Relax


That nitrous oxide thing would've been great. 😄

Author — Ray Martinez


Have you ever seen the sun go "pwwt pwwt" no, have you seen the moon go "pwwt pwwt" no, have you seen the stars go "pwwt pwwt"? no.

Author — GibsonLesPaul2273


That comet reminded me of “ Reading Rainbow”

Author — Rick Gonzalez


Actually, I woke up and this was on and it's SO INTRIGUING and INTERESTING I cannot call back asleep. It's 4:00 am.

Author — sheldeon


I hope someone remembered to feed Schrodinger's cat.

Author — Tuna Free Dolphin Meat


So funny today. Amazing what a mere 7 years have changed scientists' perspectives of what actually is.
Because today Black Holes are verified to exist. And Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and quantum computers.
Before you know it scientists' will discover The Creator!

Author — B KL


My favorite quote : "Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."Sir Arthur Eddington

Author — segura2112


Very interesting video! But let me tell you something really new, let me explain to you why there are now asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. Long time ago there was another Earth in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter. The name of that planet was Phaeton or Mallona, Mallona means "Broken planet". The people on planet Mallona invented nuclear weapons and they used those weapons during a war on that planet. The result was absolutely devastating: the first human planet in our solar system was destroyed, only the four moons of planet Mallona remained intact. Parts of the broken planet fell on other planets like Mars and our own planet Earth. These and other remnants and the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter are the silent witnesses of a giant cosmic human disaster. But God gave mankind a second chance on planet Earth.
You will know everything about planet Mallona (and more!) if you read the books of Jakob Lorber (1800 - 1864) and Leopold Engel (1858 - 1931).

Author — Follower of Jakob Lorber


This interesting and all but I mostly use these documentaries to take naps lol

Author — LaTae Official


This is the kind of content I watch to knock me out real quick.

Author — Javi


I was listening to this because I let my computer stream while I went to bed (learn while sleeping). This video was on as I was waking up, and I thought the narrator was Dick Van Dyke. I was starting to wonder if Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a documentary.

I don't mean to joke about the video. I must be a bit of a nerd. I sorta liked it.

Author — Earth Has Curve


I also like to ponder the universe and do thought experiments as I fall asleep. Only my 100th time watching this.😁 soothing

Author — Antoinette Hicks


You people will know in death about God the creator making the perfect earth that fits us humans perfect

Author — Steven Mays


Very interesting documentary. This has expanded my knowledge of the people involved. Thanks for posting.

Author — Ioan Lightoller