Can We Travel Faster Than Light? with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre

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Can We Travel Faster Than Light? with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre 4.5

Can humanity build an Alcubierre warp drive?
Can we go faster than light?

Dr. Miguel Alcubierre was inspired by Star Trek the Next Generation's example of warp drive faster than light technology on the starship Enterprise. In 1994 he wrote a paper on how we could bend and warp space and time to travel faster than light within the rules of Einstein's general relativity. NASA has and is currently exploring if it is possible to bend the fabric of space and achieve hyper fast space travel with the Eagle Works lab. John Michael Godier spoke with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre on the feasibility of the Alcubierre warp drive and if there has been any developments within physics, including the use of dark matter or dark energy, and anti-gravity, to be able to make this possible.

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Krasnikov, 1995.

Harold White, Warp Field Mechanics 101

Harold White, Warp Field Mechanics 102





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This episode is a bit special. While Dr. Avi Loeb was the first guest we emailed and recorded with and the first episode of Event Horizon. Dr. Miguel Alcubierre was the second person we reached out to. This week also marks the unofficial one year anniversary of the creation of the show. So thank you all for watching, liking, and enjoying what we do. We appreciate your support.

Author — Event Horizon


NO evidence for negative energy? I got it ! Let me introduce you to my mother in law.

Author — John do


"I came up with this idea myself, but it's probably not correct despite my own personal attachment to it."

-things preachers and politicians will never say

Author — Clay Miller


You interviewed Alcubierre himself, thats amazing.

Author — Eduardo lima


Now this is what YouTube was made for, excellent post, thank you.

Author — Golden skeptic


I know a few people who can provide the "negative energy" needed for this drive to work ...

Author — Peter T


Thank you Dr. Alcubierre for taking the time to engage the public with scientific education.

Author — Gabriel Gonzalez


Boring, I already watched this video next week.

Author — David Flynn


This is the best interview on Warp travelling! I am lucky to have found it! The fact the you got Dr Miguel Alcubierre himself to talk about its really unique and priceless! Thank you!

Author — Constantine


Holy shit, I was like... this will be interesting. Then I hear "Our guest, Dr. Alcubierre".... I'M SORRY WAT?

Author — Jason Bolinger


Mr Alcubierre, i hope to see the day when you receive the Nobel Prize!

Author — Constantine


20:00+ The things that guys do when Procrastinating from working on their PhD dissertations, lol... :)

Author — Alan Burch


56:00 They are basically talking about Stargates now.

Author — freeman239


I beg to differ negative energy does indeed exist. Have you ever met my ex?

Author — jaylove5555


"Light speeds too slow. We have go speed! "-Dark Helmet.

Author — Qoxonmafase


I love when you find a podcast with a scientist where they are viscerally excited that the host understands them and is able to have an actual conversation. The good doctor dearly sounds like he jumped with joy every time a good question was asked

Author — Tom Leon


I love how he says “ light calculations “ shit was probably hella complex lmao

Author — Nick Cruz


Thank you. Very interesting to hear the creator of an idea disect his idea for public consumption.

Author — Mark Burnside


Ok, I found the intro track. It is Miguel Johnson - Gaia Beyond. My bad

Author — ab123110


Just because you brought Dr. Alcubierre, I will subscribe! Thank you and job well done with your video.

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