Police drone video shames people using national park during UK lockdown

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Police drone video shames people using national park during UK lockdown 1

Derbyshire police have defended using a drone to shame people into staying away from a national park during the lockdown. The force tweeted footage taken near Curbar Edge in the Peak District, insisting members of the public should not be driving there to walk their dogs or take photographs. 'It's not Big Brother,' a spokesman said. 'It's just to illustrate the fact that people are going out and making these journeys against the government's rules.'

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Derbyshire Policemen leaving their home so they can film people walking their dogs... NOT ESSENTIAL

Author — James M


they're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by shrubs, i'm sure it'll be OK.

Author — TYRES1987


Filming innocent people with a drone: not essential

Author — Lewis X- Z


Stalking members of public with drone, not essential...

Author — Ben Holdsworth


So walking in a isolated area is wrong, but me travelling over an hour on public transport and having to work in a crowded work space is perfectly fine?!?!
You're taking the piss!

Author — Justin Mac


Using tax payer money to record people isolated in the middle of nowhere with a drone. "Not Essential."

Author — Jake the Dog


The Authoritaian Guardian approves of the persecution of people harmlessly enjoying themselves.

Author — Paul Sargeant


The Government allows one piece of exercise a day - surely driving to a remote spot and keeping well away from others is much better than walking urban streets and in parks.

Author — sally place


People NEED walks and isolation like this. It is a coping mechanism.

Author — Jonny Lumberjack


Is this serious, those people are definitely social distancing and getting exercise, concentrate on real news please.

Author — Ben Fookes


“Don’t walk in the isolated countryside walk in your local city with everyone else” really government

Author — Dom McCrirrick


Driving miles to avoid taking exercise in a busy town centre or housing estate seems very sensible to me.

Author — Lurking Crass Zero


Police before lockdown:" we are only going to be focusing on serious crime"

Police during lockdown *plays with drone*

Author — Kristian


Faith in british public restored when looking at the ratio of dislikes to likes and reading the comments makes me proud to be british

Author — Zar gel


How about focusing on the CROWDED areas next time. Yknow, like the tube?

Author — S U R V I V E


"one form of exercise a day - for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household"

Author — Leo Williams


I am quite relieved by the like to dislike ratio.

Author — Sarah B


Taking away peoples rights: Not Essential

Author — UFOTube.com


This is a bit rediculous, go to the towns please and use the drone there and stop the real offenders.

Author — MrMaker


The police have lost the plot maybe mad cow disease is back again as they've clearly gone insane.

Author — JL H