Aaron Zigman: THE SHACK (2017)

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Main theme from Aaron Zigman's unreleased score...

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The shack
The summit of pain and the summit of forgiveness ... very impressive ... worth watching ... There are a lot of lessons

Author — Golden Falcon


Why hasn't all the music from the movie been released?? The "official soundtrack" doesn't include ANY of the music by Aaron Zigman ... But I need it so bad, it's AMAZING!!! (I'm crying)

Author — Lezz


Sounds like Thomas Newman... So peaceful, and so touching! I love it. <3

Author — elita dream


Watched "The Shack" every time it is listed to come on; and yes I Cry again each time with love for our Father, Christ Jesus His Son and the workings of the Spirit of God. I love Him so my heart breaks to think He loves so much and yet we have such a poor understanding of His Grace and Salvation. Our greatest mission is understanding His word & and sharing with others. I love all of you and I pray for All of you when I pray Father Help Us All.

Author — Sheila K. Hill


I MUST have this instrumental in my music collection. Has anyone been able to find out the name of this beautiful instrumental and where we can get it? The score is from Aaron Zigman but that is all I know of this. This is not on the official soundtrack.

Author — Monica Emilione


Thanks loki1982axala for bringing this powerful and beautiful melody

Author — Alexander Merello


Y aun no veo la Película !

Author — Victor Pereira Rojas


Melodia conmovente de una increible bellezza !

Author — Claudio Alejandro Vitullo