David Orr Stack and TIlt Face On

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  • ℹ️ Published 14 years ago

Video of David Orr's golf swing.

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That's about as smooth an acceleration from the top as you're ever likely to see.

Author — betterthanayard


Nice Hip turn, I'm still working on that as far as the S & T swing is concerned

Author — T Brown


Oh my god, is that D.H. Orr who I used to play Junior Golf against in Syracuse about 25 years ago? That swing doesn't look all that different from when we were teenagers! All these guys are used to play with are famous now...LOL. Tommy Scherrer has won on tour...Mike Bennett is the God of Stack and Tilt and now David Orr too. I still play the way I di when we were kids...71 one day, 86 the next...LOL.

Author — MarkD61266