[RPCS3 PS3 Emulator] Eternal Sonata ~IR-1080p~ (Vulkan-1080p) - Test 2 [Half-Playable]

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===Game Info===
Games : Eternal Sonata
Region : Europe
Release Date : February 13, 2009
Console : Sony Playstation 3

===Emulator Info===
- Emulator : Rpcs3
- Version : v0.0.7-9029-479d92d0 Alpha

===Emulator Settings===
- Renderer : Vulkan
- Internal Resolution : 1080p (1920x1080)
- For other setting just see at the beginning of video.

===PC Specs===
- CPU : Intel Core i5-9400F @ 2.90 GHz
- VGA : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB
- RAM : DDR4 16 GB
- OS : Windows 10 x64 Pro

💬 Comments

this needs a ps4 /ps5 version. buy it the seocnd it does. the ps now version makes the counter attacks really tricky, even with best connection.

Author — Fairy Charmed


Amazing! I already beat persona 5 on rpcs3, and now when eternal sonata seems playable, i going play in this as well. I have same gpu and ryzen 3600.

Author — Оксана Снежинская


this video was very helpfull. i finaly decided to let my xbox RIP, and i was extremely sad about it. but at least i know that some of my games will be in future easily emulated.

Author — PlentyOf Lulu


I'd love to play this game again, but I don't know where to go to download the actual game. Could you tell me where you found yours?

Author — StormingViperX


This game still have random freeze problem (VM: Access violation reading location error) that can happen after the end of battle. You can fix it by changing it to OpenGL, but it will be very slow and in some place it can even drop to 13-15 FPS that makes it very unplayable. So it still half-playable.

Author — Gaming with Emu


any download link for this awesomw game?

Author — José Rubio


Hello good Sir, I have no issue with the specs, playing OpenGL so no GPU, 20 fps, could you show me how is your configuration in the game pls ?

Author — Chopos De Sabores


no random crash .. seriously i use same but still got random crash..

Author — Rie Iza