How Did The Great Fire of London Start? | The Great Fire: London Burns | Channel 5 #History

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How Did The Great Fire of London Start? | The Great Fire: London Burns | Channel 5 #History 4.5

The great fire of London started in 1666 at 1am on 2 September in Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane. Watch this documentary to see how the fire originated and went on to destroy a third of London homes leaving over 100,000 people homeless.

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How did the great fire of London start: fire.

Author — the coolness king


We make bread to show the great fire of London started on September 2nd 1666 it still continue sign of no stopping until Thursday morning 🏚🌈

Author — Halima Yusuf


I am forced to watch this because of school. Pls save me

Author — Star_Shine


bro i seen that dude on the history of british castles on netflix

Author — Ian Kim


It happened because it was on the 1666th year.

Author — Faint


They also believe this very fire was also responsible for the aide in killing the rats & fleas which spread the black death, which had killed in the thousands only weeks before

Author — Mary Konopasek


Strange 1666 great fire of London 1666 after the 1 is 666.

Author — Pauline Taylor


Who's from scottland

I'm the only one

Oh ok

Author — nightly


Is anyone bored in quarantine and just want to learn about history

Author — Semi’s Ultimate Adventure


The great fire of london was provoked by Dr Crawly and his monster minions. Its all documented in the "NIGHTMARE CREATURES" documentary.

Author — Daniel Rosales


It’s a shame it can’t happen now and give the idiots of London a wake up call

Author — Rob Picken