Khabaryar with Aftab Iqbal | Episode 88 | 29 October 2020 | GWAI

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Khabaryar with Aftab Iqbal | Episode 88 | 29 October 2020 | GWAI 4.5

The trendsetters are back with a variety of content fully loaded with information and humor. Catch Aftab Iqbal and his hilarious team only on Gupshup with Aftab Iqbal.

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Aftab Iqbal, best known as the original host of Hasb e Haal, Khabarnaak, Khabardar and Khabarzar has launched his own YouTube channel for his fans. The "GWAI" channel will go with behind the scenes, new content, unlike anything that can be seen on normal television. We need your help to develop this special YouTube channel tailored to our fans that will feature new, never-before-seen content, unlike anything that has ever existed on Pakistani television. You will find exclusive content produced by the talented Aftab Iqbal only on this channel.

Aftab Iqbal is a popular host, director, and producer of content in Pakistan. He revolutionized the TV show industry by introducing theater performers on to his television programs. His topics cover several subjects related to both Pakistan and Islam. This includes comedy, drama, politics, news, history, arts, literature, sports, and more. He has been on numerous channels including currently on Neo TV, but also Geo TV, Dunya TV, Express News and Aap News. He has produced television content for many years. This new channel will have many different shows on many different subjects.

Aftab Iqbal is also a noted journalist who writes for numerous English-Language and Urdu-Language publications including the English The News International and Newsweek Pakistan as well as the Urdu-language Nawa-i-Waqt. He graduated with a master's degree from the Government College University in Lahore in 1985 and studied media at San Jose State University in California in 1986. From 1994 to 1995, Aftab Iqbal even served as media adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab. He brings his experience and broad breadth of knowledge to the table.

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ایک بار نبی کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی بار گاہ میں خفیہ درود پیش کر دیں اور میرے چینل کو سپورٹ کرنے کی ہمت بھی کریں۔۔

Author — Yateem Larka


‏جس ہستی کا ذکر اللّہ تعالیٰ نے بلند کر دیا ہو، وہ دونوں جہانوں میں بلند ہی رہے گا۔
عید میلاد النبی صلی اللّہ علیہ وسلم مبارک ❤️

Author — Hassan Raza


"وَمَا أَرْسَلْنٰكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِلْعَالَمِينَ"
اور ہم نے آپ ﷺ کو تمام جہانوں کے لیے رحمت بنا کر بھیجا...❤
سرکار کی آمد مرحبا❤️❤️❤️

Author — Akram Sp


بہت ہی بے غیرت ہونگے وہ لوگ جو نوازشریف کا ملک دشمن اور فوج کے خلاف بیانیہ کو سپورٹ کریں گے

Author — Muhammad Raza


Khabaryar should be renamed "monologues by Aftab",

Author — Devi Somaya


پھر تو نے چھیڑ دی ہے گئی ساعتوں کی بات

وہ گفتگو نہ کر کہ تجھے بھی ملال ہو


Author — sunny swan


Without Honey albela and agha majid no more interest.

Author — zameer abbas


بے شرموں 12 ربیع الاول کی خاطر گانے کی بجائے آج نعت ہی پڑھ لیتے🤦‍♂️
یا اللہ ہم سب پر اپنے پیارے حبیب صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے صدقے رحم فرما🤲

Author — Learning


Y u r butthurt abt media
Not getting funding 😂

Author — Osem Gaming


Sir jee Khan se husne zan rakhen, he is working under pressure and around him a bunch of goofs n bewafas

Author — Muhammad Aslam


Sad to know that Honey Albela and agha majid left the show.

Author — M Nouman Karamat


what media has done in 74 years say straight Aftab that you all needed those big under table massive $ cheques

Author — Zaroon Azlan


Ukasha your acting is too good! Huge thanks for this channel to bring such a great talent on this platform. Your voice is melting my 💕
Big fan of your !!

Author — Ahmad Arif


Sad to know that Honey Albela and Agha Sahib are out of this show. It will be a huge void without them. But as they say "The Show Must Go On"

Author — Manbir Sandhu


Where is honey albella and agha Majid we want him back in show...

Author — ghulam mustafa


I rewound it umpteen times to listen to the song by the young beauty in her melodious voice. My ears demand even more.

I suggest that she sings at the end of each session to enhance the number of viewers and subscribers.

What an addition to the program.

Author — Muhammad Malik


Greetings n love from Finland, just wanna request dearest Aftab Sir, that please discourage all the culprits of Arzoo Raja case and condemn forced conversion and underage marriages with minorities girls .. Pakistan live long..

Author — Qaser Younis


I want to confess one point. I always bypassed this programme thinking that I had no time for silly comedy. I salute you guys. This is genius. You deliver excellent hi-calibre views and information though rich comedy. Keep it up. Jaza'k Allah.

Author — M Kaiser


تمام دوستوں سے گذارش ہے کہ ایک بار درودشریف پڑھ کر کمنٹ میں محمد (صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم)لکھتے جائیں ۔اور نبی کریم صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وآلہ وسلّم کو نذرانہ عقیدت پیش کرتے جائیں۔

Author — waseem khan bhatti


آغا ماجد 'ہنی البیلا کے بغیر شو کا مزہ نہیں ہے ' آفتاب صاحب انکو کیوں نکالا۔؟

Author — Raja Toseef