Coleman Hughes on Cancel Culture & Political Dysfunction with Ezra Klein [S2 Ep.24]

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Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.

My guest today who probably needs no introduction is Ezra Klein. Ezra Klein is a Journalist and Political Writer. He co-founded Vox before leaving for the New York Times where he's now a Columnist. He also hosts the podcast The Ezra Klein Show, which I've been listening to for many years.

Ezra and I talk about a wide range of subjects. We talk about his background as a smart kid who got horrible grades, the over prescription of Adderall to children, Cancel Culture, Race-Conscious Public Policy, and how the American Political System could become healthier.

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Ezra on left wing beards: “Oh that’s just a few hairs!”

Ezra on right wing beards: “That may look like just a couple of hairs but it’s a full beard in the making!“

Author — Paul Ierymenko


I usually enjoy your interviews....this one seemed to lack much depth, settling on simpitistic, generalized agrugements unsupported by facts. Coleman you are awesome and a personal hero to me. I appreciate all that you are doing to bring real dialog from all sides.

Author — Utah Matt


Klein's behaviour was a classic example of the current 'progressive' elite's utter cluelessness when it comes to the concerns of the non-elite public - and not just the white ones. The ignorance of Klein's kind of progressive is actually alarming. It is precisely the kind of dismissive "change the subject" behaviour Klein exhibited that leads to the guy at the Republican rally wearing the "Trump 2020, because fuck you!" tshirt. I wonder how much of Klein's behaviour is due to living in a privileged bubble combined with being constantly engaged in abstraction both in his work and likely most of the rest of his life? The harder realities of the working poor and marginalized groups, who's rights he extolls, are clearly just abstractions. God, could you get a better example of Sowell's Anointed or Orwell's disconnected left wing intellectuals?

Author — James Burns


It’s interesting to me how much Ezra views people only as groups- almost exclusively. Also, how much he talks about things in terms of power and nothing else.

Author — Connor Lambert


I feel he's clearly or willfully missing the enormous distinction between engaging in the conversation "tweeting" with/at an individual (thus giving them the opportunity respond to criticism and reinforces or concede their position) and running to employer or sponsor and DEMANDING them to do something (thus taking the item at hand completely out of context and intentional bypassing any rebuttal the individual)

Author — Ryan Acorn


Coleman: What about this particular problem?
Ezra: I'm unaware of that problem and dismissive of its significance.

Author — RodeoJesus


"The ethic that governs Klein’s brand of journalism appears to be: Accuse a person with a large platform of something terrible, and then monetize the resulting controversy." - SH. Glad to hear Ezra now claims to hold a different ethic. Only through his future behavior will we know for sure.

Author — JohnEP223


Its amazing how out of touch Ezra is with reality for average people. These 'elite intellectuals' are truly the definition of cringe. Hard to listen to this whole thing ngl.

Author — MIckey Beavison


It's pretty interesting to hear Ezra defending utterly biased unfair policies by saying "well they are not effective/ only small money". If we lose the fairness and common humanity levers, what hope do we have?

Author — JL


Well, if it isn't Ezra "accused demonstrably tolerant people of bigotry" Klein.

Author — Greg Evenden


*With respect to the Naomi Wolf case, it really was just another casualty of ideological/culture warfare. She decided she wanted to enter the arena and write yet another book slating the straight white male patriarchy, further contributing to divisive identity politics, and she failed. The humiliation was entirely appropriate. Humiliation should be reserved for scenarios exactly like that.*

Author — Joel Harvey


'there are contexts you can put me in where I am just a failure, where you say' that guy just SUCKS'", for instance, debates with Sam Harris...

Author — Pete


great example of a very educated and articulate dope...feels to me like someone that has never been out on the world

Author — Nestor Palacios


Great conversation. It would be cool if Ezra ended fewer of his statements with question mark upturns.

Author — Joseph Consiglio


I definitely take issue with the idea that cancel culture is primarily a technological problem. The issue is first and foremost that people who participate in it see their behavior as justified and in many cases actively coordinate to get people fired. Even when that's not explicitly the case, they often are overjoyed to see that "consequences" have been imposed.

That won't change because of a simple algorithm. That requires strong pushback at the cultural level, and this quickly collapses into partisanship.

Outrage has always been easy to propagate. If FB or Twitter adjusts the algorithm to shadowban outrageous content or tamp down its odds of exposure, what stops other social media companies from filling the gap?

Author — Lucid Dreamer


Coleman, I've been watching the backlog. I got a suggestion. Get a pop filter for your mic. The plosives in your "p's" are hard. Izotope has a program that will remove them in post during mixing as well.

Author — T


I didn’t try Ritalin until I was 48. I never considered taking it until I decided to accept a promotion into a management position. I excelled as a pharmaceutical sales rep for many years. However, I knew what a district manager’s job entailed. High levels of organization, hours of detailed reports and analysis. I’d not given a thought to ADHD, I knew what it was, but didn’t give it any consideration.

I saw a therapist and explained my concerns, I had no idea what to expect. But wondered if there was something I could do or understand about myself that might be helpful.

I spent a considerable amount of time, about 5 or 6 weeks, talking to a therapist, and filling out a battery of psychological tests.

My therapist, after all was said and done, pointed out that based on our conversations, and the testing, that he felt a diagnosis of ADHD was not merely appropriate but very very likely.

He suggested that a pharmaceutical approach, Ritalin, could be helpful. However, he stressed that Ritalin alone might be helpful, it wouldn’t amount to much. If I didn’t learn, in depth, what it meant to manage ADHD far beyond taking a pill.

I took his advice. I did use Ritalin and it alone was helpful. But the medication had real limitations. It couldn’t help me understand anything about how my particular brain operated. Or help me learn ways to excel in my job. Study and occasional visits to my therapist when I needed clarification did the job.

It wasn’t easy, and I struggled a lot in the beginning. In the end, I still struggled some, but adapted quite well and enjoyed my job.

I am 67 now and have wondered what my public school and university life would have been like had I understood why I always had difficulties learning.

No regrets, I got what I needed when I needed it the most.

Author — TCL


let's take a moment to appreciate the hot ass beat coleman had comissioned for this show

Author — BigDome


Coleman: get Russell Barkley on the show. He’s the leading authority on ADHD. He’s not a psychiatrist but a big proponent of medication first in treating patients. His theory of ADHD is one that is used by almost everyone.

Author — Could Be


Erza is right about the political dysfunction, but wrong in simply dismissing racially preferential legislation. Even if a bill has a politically small effect, the symbolic implications set a precedent for future legislation.

Author — Jeffrey Merrill