THE G.O.A.T. TOKENS - Selesnya Gree/White Tokens - MTG Standard Innistrad Vow

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selesnya g/w green white token deck with ramp and control Standard MTG arena deck guide and gameplay with commentary. best deck 2021

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4 Felidar Retreat (ZNR) 16
4 Prosperous Innkeeper (AFR) 200
4 Hallowed Haunting (VOW) 17
1 Forest (VOW) 402
4 Circle of Confinement (VOW) 7
4 Borrowed Time (MID) 6
4 Evolving Wilds (RIX) 186
8 Plains (VOW) 398
4 Wedding Announcement (VOW) 45
4 Candletrap (MID) 9
4 Sigarda's Splendor (MID) 33
4 Overgrown Farmland (MID) 265
3 Lair of the Hydra (AFR) 259
4 Storm the Festival (MID) 200
4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258

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I love how he says he hates MTG: Arena so much and yet he keeps playing day after day.

Author — Raider0075


I always laugh when
He smashes the table. 😂 “Yes embrace your anger, and your journey to the dark side shall be complete.”

Author — Matthew Cordeiro


When you have felidar you should wait to pop the evolving wilds until the end of your opponents next turn if they are a wizard deck and board control isn't important. In case they have removal or board wipe.

Author — Rickey


love this enchant deck! i will try, now im allways on your white/blue and is a bomb!

Author — arakno


No one uses fabled passage because it's no longer in standard rotation...



Quasar is in love with Wedding Announcement.

Author — Real Viking MTG


Thank you for uploading you make my day. I had a very bad day at school

Author — FrankyBoy


Ahh, another day, another poop, and another Qwazar video. Let's go boys!

Author — Ryan C


Manaform Hellkite and Unnatural Growth. New meta :)

Author — dan krocka


I'm attractive, smart, my own boss, and dating a goth chick.... feeling all sorts of attacked in this vid lol

Author — IndyWoods


If you had attacked at 22:10 you would have won. 13 - 11 then the grafs would have done the final 2 damage.

Author — Tyler Hannis


I can't tell if this is a podcast or a magic channel

Author — cmdrfun1


I like your theory on the legitimacy of personhood in the context of intelligence

Author — Branden Baker


Off-topic, but you had a poll a month ago about preferred color combo, was that an expected outcome or were you just shooting out card combos for deck idea reasons?

Author — Renon19


Thank you senpai sociopath russian for reminding me i'm not even a person. As a smart kid at the school, i have no arguments whatsoever against this absolutely uncalled for attack.

Author — hurktang


When the "Table-Kun" showed up out of nowhere. :0 Gosh!

Author — Jonathan The Lone Wolf


Why is it, when I go and make your deck's, arena decides to find the other poor souls that build your decks and send them against me, every damn time.. is arena just filled with your fans?

Author — kyper00


play a deck like this, guarantee wizzards put you up against the deck with 19 boardwipes and life leech effects

Author — cardigansrule


i just came to say that u cant divide by 0

Author — Nikos Ballis


I'm not ugly but not very social around strangers yet excelling in high school. Man ppl like this guy are misconceptionists, let's be real. Whoever you are, you just accept society norms way too far.

Author — Bizcota77