sad songs for sad people

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sad songs for sad people

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Disclaimer:This song is not mine and not even a song cover it is from (KINA) and thank you for your cooperation.

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💬 Comments

Pillow: "dont worry I'll be here for you when you're upset"
Mirror: "dont worry i wont laugh when you feel ugly"
Shower: "dont worry i wont judge ur singing"
Mind: "dont worry i wont tell anybody how you're really doing inside"

Author — Tun Tun


I listened to these song when I went through a very depressing time. So I really appreciate whoever made this.

Author — Tamara Halfacre


I used to listen to this playlist everyday when I had really sever depression and now that I listed to it 1 year later I get flashbacks🥺

Author — Erick Vega


Esta canción me recuerda todos los momentos que tuve que llorar en silencio cada noche para deseogarme que mis padres peleaban y mi papá se fue de la casa y mis hermanos no se diga que me están olvidando</3

Author — Yoselin Miranda cruz


I feel the same way.
At day: I put a smile on my face (But sometimes make a mess out of everything)
At night: I sometimes cry myself to sleep

Author — Fionn OC The Jedi


"People don't cry because they are weak, they cry because they have been strong for too long" - Itachi

Author — Lebanon James


"I'm not tired of crying"
"I'm tired of not being able to cry and having to act happy"
Don't let bullying consume your mental health ❤️

Author — SiimplyXIzzy ツ


"people who cry are not weak, they are strong becuse they can hold this much pain inside them and still show a smile on thier faces, only objiects cant judge us, the pillow will catch our tears, the window wont laugh at us, the bed let's us rest in peace, the shadow wont judge us, people always judge us to make us feel bad but they dont know how depressed thier words make us, the words cut deeper than any blade".Dont let people judge you!(me)

Author — XRares


Sleep isn’t sleep anymore, it’s an escape from reality 😢

Author — Eason Eason


Thanks to all of u guys in the comments I feel better now reading u guys express yall feeling I feel better now

And I just wanna say to who ever is reading this I am here for u no matter what so stay strong and if u ever feel sad u can read through the comments u might feel better

Author — Shakeela Thomas


It’s funny how our parents don’t realize they lost their happy kid along time ago



Pillow:I will never tell ur secrets ❤️

Mirror:I won't judge ur beautiful face✨

Shower: I won't judge ur beautiful voice

Bed: I'm always here for u⭐🙂

Author — 𝑨𝒓𝒎𝒚_𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍☻︎⟭⟬


"No one stays with you to the end. Even your shadow leaves u when the sun goes down"

Author — Deku


Aceasta piesa iti ajunge la suflet🥺, iti aduce mereu aminte de copilarie😞 si de Cele mai frumoase momente petrecute cu prietenii, familia etc😔, eu sunt o persoana foarte sensibila😿 si nu pot rezista fara a nu plange, Aceasta piesa imi trezeste mereu amintirile de tatal

Author — Daria Marin


Mam właśnie atak paniki gdy tego słucham :)) 21:15

Author — Sandra Rohloff


*"people cry at night just to smile the next day..."*

Author — Demon Tea


Most of the time I'm in a good mood I enjoy listening to this kind of music. But whenever I'm sad, in pain, depressed, stressed, heartbroken. . . I understand the lyrics😔

Author — Kiwi


Im sad right now and this song calms me 😌

Author — Raulix


Hi! No inglés pero gracias por esto siempre Cuando estoy llorando lo escucho

Author — Amanda Ignacia


I really apreciate these songs, it makes me feel At least one person cares..

Author — Shanell Daley