CrossTalk: 'Wall Street Pete'

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CrossTalk: 'Wall Street Pete' 4.5

The liberal corporate media are fickle, they fall in and out of love quickly and often. Not long ago they were infatuated with Beto O'Rourke. Now they are smitten by Mayor Pete. The media love to drone on about their preferences, in the meantime the voters pick their candidates.

CrossTalking with Arvin Vohra, David John Thistle, and Christopher Metzler.

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It's NOT defense, it's offense when the US empire is invading countries all over the world, murderers millions of people to steal control of resources for the Central banks and corporations.

Author — Progressive Truth Seekers


Look at the green screen of fake books behind the guy in the middle who wants to increase the military budget. LMAO.

Author — yumpladukfoo


Indeed he is Wall Street Pete, when your camping had donations from more than 40 billionaires that is the name you gone take.

Author — Dr M D Aden


And this dude on the right is completely Incoherent

Author — NoRace


She's so woke she puts everybody to sleep, love it !!

Author — meermuizen


When President Trump said he wanted to bring manufacturing back, he wasn't talking about Presidential candidates!!

Author — KnightInShiningASMR


Pete is the CIAs candidate. Plus he was a US military officer and that means loser and corporate tool bag based on his measurable results.

Author — R B


"politics has been overtaken by virtue signalling" this so much.

Author — Aurs 777


Bernie's biggest issue is free college? Dude is ill informed.

Author — Mark Mouledous


_💥Wall Street Pete Empty Platitude Thread💥_

I'll start:
"It's not what you say about freedom, it's the amount of freedom that lives in your heart"

Author — Kris Kaiser


Wall-Street/Oligarch-Pet + Deep-State/Swamp-Creature Pete would be way more accurate.

Author — brokenspine66


Waren’s numbers started falling when she abandoned medicare for all! Education is a racket? What have you been drinking?

Author — oswarz


Bernie is not "communist", he is social democrat.

Author — ユーネ / Yuune


David has the same wall paper as I have. It makes for good reading!

Author — 408Magenta


Sneaky Pete should start a new season where he decides to run for a president of United States 😂

Author — Raphael O.


Bernie's number one issue is college?? What? wow I thought it would be wealth inequality.... these guests are a joke, but it's a good topic.

Author — Multikalwin


Search for :
' Manufactured Consent - Noam Chosmsky '

Author — roy smith


'Wall Street Pete i must have sneezed and missed that part lots of Bernie criticism

Author — fred6319


Politics...has been replaced by "virtue signalling"!!

Author — Scott Kirk


Guess we will be needing bonuses for the veterans of future wars

Author — victor bruun