Eugen Enin on Powerslide Next Grey 100 inline skates

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 months ago

Powerslide Urban team rider Eugen Enin skates the new Powerslide Next Grey 100.
The Powerslide NEXT Grey 100 urban skate is for skaters who are not afraid to burn the asphalt. It's an urban skate loaded with Powerslide's latest innovations to boost your performance and improve your comfort. The grey and purple pastel color combination offer a touch of elegance while the heat-moldable MYFIT Recall Dual fit liner feat. memory foam padding provides that extra bit of superior comfort for the everyday skate session. This freeskate comes with a lot of sleek features as standard like the advanced TRINITY mounting system just to name one. Perfect power transfer, more control, and improved balance, superior vibration control this is all TRINITY! The setup is made for easy cruising as well as for thrilling action the Elite cast aluminum frame with its unique shape combined with fast and grippy Spinner 100mm/88A wheels and high smooth running Wicked ABEC 9 bearings perfectly match to deliver unmatched skating pleasure. The NEXT Grey 100 proves that true style doesn't scream for attention.

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Que sonho...lindo demais...quero um de 80!

Author — Cris Z Lordo


Great skating from Eugen as per.

Love powerslide and USD etc, but could you do a bit more quality control? Just bought new USD carbons and the little rubber logo has fallen out of the cuff in literally 5 minutes on one. Light coloured patches on both cuffs as well.
Thankfully nothing that effects the operation so it's all good, but every skate I buy there's always something.

Yes they're gonna be battered after a few skates, but that's besides the point cuz they cost over £300.

Author — Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode


Beautiful! Where is this wonderful industrial park located?

Author — Frans G


Halleluyah! Great video. Please powerslide, when will we be able to buy aftermarket parts like white toe protectors and white buckles, white cuff screws etc? I cannot find a single inline stockist that has any of these, actually in stock. Many many list them, but none, anywhere in the world, seem to have the parts... Any advice is greatly appreciated. Love the Next 125mm megacruiser I picked up btw. Thank you for your work.

Author — Way of Qodeshah


Eugen rocks these so stylish! [Where is this skate gray? (^.^`)]

Author — Eric Bernardi


No slides and hardly any jumps....even for a big wheel edit, this was a bit bland! Especially coming from incredibly creative Eugen!

Author — Onno Kaell


What's this song? Really gotta credit the musicians who's music you use.

Author — iiZo