The Indestructible Reptile- Short Film | SCP-682

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Ambitious misadventures of a scientist on his quest to terminate SCP-682. #SCP

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Director/VFX- Raghav
Hemanth Nayak- @hemanthnayak on Instagram

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#scifi #horror

💬 Comments

*I like how the foundation sent a single random Scientist to capture one of the most powerful SCP's to ever exist*

Author — King Solomon


Loved this! I wanna see more horror and creature features utilize time freeze moments. Shouldn't be reserved just for action

Author — ProductionCrate


Most underrated video of your chennel SCP looks so photoreal.



I love how he just hits 682 with a pole and then he just looks at him like “Really? No, no. REALLY? A POLE???”

Author — Liampleurodon


"In all my miserable years I've never seen a fool like you"
Damn bro you ain't have to do him like that

Author — Creeperkid Anims


Well, now I want an scp movie. Styled like MIB, but with a darker tone and more focus on the anomalies.

Author — Megan Ring


we need a scp movie on netflix THIS FILM IS SO GOOD

Author — Vł ₳ ł Ⱬ łӾ


I love how you make them seem like realistic actors in the videos, gives me a chuckle. You got me into looking into the lore behind things like Siren Head and it amazes me how much work people put into the creation of these things. I'm wondering what you would do with things like Cartoon Cat.

Author — nicktwolf discusses


Looks like a horror monster, speaks like a demon, and speaks to him like a Disney villan, a perfect fit

Author — Sargent steve


Alright, thoughts.

The model for 682's really nice. It looked solid enough that I believe that it's in the building, while moving fluidly enough to let me know it's CGI. CGI's not a bad thing, unlike what a lotta critics may say, it merely needs proper use. Due to how complicated animating is, I can't really complain that 682 was moving slowly or that it was acting comparatively passive to documented encounters.

Due to the fact that the actor said nothing yet showed himself to be solid in expressing emotion, I can't complain there! The environment was intriguing enough and looked like somewhere one of the Scarlet King's sons would go to hide and recover after escaping containment.

If I had any major complaint, it's probably that y'all weren't able to get a lotta actors on the case to further cement why 682 was sluggish (gunshots from everyone would've disoriented the regenerating beast, after all) and the other's probably that y'all aren't getting more views because I'd be excited to see y'all be able to work on projects like this with a more sizable scale to them!

Author — Wyvern Němeček


SCP 682: *Sees an Scientist that Tried to capture him*
Also SCP 682: Desgustang

Author — Ni Ghidorah


This is a great design for scp 682 whoever made the design did a good job and the voice actor for the monster

Author — Randomperson


Astounding animations for SCP-682! I was wondering if you have a possible (public) release of your model of SCP-682? If so, I would love to use it for a project and I will give you credit!

Author — Dhelgruukk


This was completely awesome! 682 is one of my favorite SCP's, and I thoroughly enjoyed this depiction of him. Good Times!

Author — Little Mr Pinkness


A film based on SCP-682 would be really dope. All you'd have to do is take the bear scene from Annihilation, swap the bear with SCP-682, add speed and more ferocity and stretch the dread and suspense for basically the entire movie.

Author — Michael Thompson


This is the miracle pinnacle of riveting animations. It's absolutely gorgeous how you created the Magnificent creature that is SCP-682. I hope in the near future we get to see other worldy beasts including but not limited to:

SCP-3199(The Refuted), SCP-1048(Builder Bear), SCP-939(With many voices), and last but not least SCP-303(The Doorman).

Other than that thank you for making this video possible, it is a true gift and privilege to have.

Author — NocturnalBrolyFury


I love the freeze moments! Allowing us to get a good look at the SCP and the emotions on the scientists face. You don't see those kinds of things very often in monster movies where you typically only get fast glances of the creature. I'd love to see more like this!

Author — Elizabeth B


Absolutely incredible cinema talent is exactly what the scp foundation needs to be on the big screen or box office keep it up and be SEEN!!!

Author — Ryan Esquivel


This was animated beautifully! I love this design you’ve made for 682 and the agents sci fi weapons are badass as well!

Author — Greater Grievobeast 55


You can tell that this scientist is new in the foundation for the simple fact he thought he killed SCP 682 without destroying 100% of it's body

Author — WuffleMuffin Ong