Michelle Wolf - You Shouldn't Like Hillary Clinton

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Michelle Wolf - You Shouldn't Like Hillary Clinton 4.5

#MichelleWolf on why a nice lady will never be president and how marriage just isn't that special.

#MichelleWolfStandUp from the #JustForLaughs Festival in 2016.

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"If men had periods, we would have 3 working weeks each month."


Author — MELON & MINT


“Sometimes, you’re just a person with a shrill voice, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
That quote was definitely directed at all the people who spam the comments of her videos talking about how annoying her voice is.

Author — Coen A


It’s funny because Michelle Obama was a sociology major, is a Kappa and likes brunch 😂

Author — NYCzora


“Calm down, that’s a gay man’s Tuesday” 😂😂😂

Author — Cough


"all she wants to do is lay down and fart" i felt that

Author — C R.


I have two daughters and she has made me feel weird about their future weddings now.😂

Author — Kevonte Daniels


The amount of angry, grossed out men in the comments is almost funnier than the actual comedy 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Kate D


The period joke was actually a good point about how we talk about women’s periods.

Author — Bryan Zarate


Women should be further along in 'Period technology'. That's something I never thought I'd hear.

Author — Danny R


Man, the trolls are rabid on this one. Go, Michelle, you keep talking, and exactly the way you do. Love to all who love you!

Author — Robin Hendrix


She's really good, and the crowd is a bit dead (or possibly the microphone was positioned in a way that the sound from the audience reached it poorly).

I don't get why anybody would be grossed out by period jokes. It's just period. I mean, all comedians make jokes about bathrooms, bad tacos, their dicks, proctologists, farts... Periods definitely ain't grosser than that.

Author — Zuma Zuma


Her humor is evolutionary. She gets resistance from not yet woke or progressive thinking... But we need her to continue her work, and she deserves a stable platform to express

Author — Dee Tree


with standup, I only care about one thing: does the comedian make me laugh? I disagree with many of her views, but so what? Lots of fools who have similar views to me will never make me laugh.

Author — John Smith


"That's a gay man's Tuesday" so funny; I can say that since I am a gay man lol

Author — Billy Welsford


Men, if you've never been bloated in your life you can't know what she's talking about. I've been bloated, cramped and constipated so bad that I've been as angry as she's explaining. It's the most uncomfortable and painful feeling I've ever felt and I've had appendicitis. Now I know why you eat the ice cream.

Author — Cyber Space-Hippie


Nothing quite as refreshing as a rapid-fire round of period jokes.

Author — Brill Eargasm


I love this woman. She's hilarious and speaks the truth.

Author — srhfitzpatrick


She's funny without being preachy.
Hate comics who make the crowd go yeah!" more than laugh because their jokes are weak so they have to start ranting like an activist

Author — Nico Pillay


You're funny as hell Michelle! You go girl!

Author — Flavio Ferreira


I love her. Easily one of the funniest comics out there.

Author — Matthew Caldwell