Letting Loose in Odessa, Ukraine!

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Letting Loose in Odessa, Ukraine! 4.5
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💬 Comments on the video

I had such an awesome time with my family in Ukraine! I hope you enjoyed the video :)

Author — Christina Khalil


очень приятно видеть вас у нас в україні

Author — MRS Service


Looking amazing as usual! Cant wait for the vette!!

Author — gsxrjunky77


Looks like a fun trip aside from seeing your mom & brother. I want that black & white kitty. So cute! :) Look forward to your next video. Have a great day!

Author — Robert Olson


Hi Christina,
I enjoyed your family get together I was laughing so hard about the shots .
Anyways you are absolutely so gorgeous you have the outlook on life .
Thanks for sharing this great video.

Author — Michael Sylvester


I Really enjoyed the video, when you share video you share part of your life. Thanks for Let us know part of your life. Blessing

Author — Rafael Guerrero


Jaret the light weight....lol, im glad you had a good family visit.

Author — D U


This was a great video. I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your family after so long apart.

Author — gazoontight


Great video you guys have a great thing going. Well done

Author — David Borges


То ты Украинка это сюрприз на следующий раз приезжай во Львов.

Author — Петро Семенець


Hey thanks for the video. The Ukraine is a place I want to visit. They also have some of the most beautiful women. Thanks.

Author — jaysc596


You have a Beautiful, gracious alluring personality, glad you enjoyed your holiday with your family .

Author — Ken InUKfrmRSA


The view at the opening of your video is amazing. You’re stunning and gorgeous Christina

Author — Raider Dean


It is so awesome to see Christina having a great time with her family

Author — Jerry Hilzim


Fantastic! So happy to see you reconnect with your family. Hopefully you can make this a yearly trip.

Author — fazer386


What a blast indeed! Thank you for sharing!

Author — nocarey


Another ace video and any bikini looks great on you keep up the good work 👍
PS Go easy on the shots if you want to keep sober!

Author — andrew kelly


Your mom and brother can drink, Jared was lagging behind! 😆

Author — Topgun 86


Now we know where you get you’re beauty



Do you know what time it is? More shots always the right answer.

Author — roger collins