5 Airplane's Breaking SPEED OF SOUND! (Best Sonic Boom)

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5 Airplane's Breaking SPEED OF SOUND! (Best Sonic Boom) 4

Here are 5 videos of aircrafts breaking the speed of sound and creating massive sonic booms!

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"You don't know what you're talking about do you?"-Anton Chigurh
Your research sucks. The Navy plans to fly the F-18 until at least 2035.

Author — Mr. White


F-22 was subsonic. The fact you hear it coming in, is kind of a giveaway. They only "break" sound barrier once, then maintain speed.. If they pass back and forth without going back subsonic, you'll hear a boom every time they pass...

Author — 7rixee


The f/A 18 super hornet is still in service

Author — TNT VLOGz


Just because you see condensation doesn’t mean it broke the sound barrier.The F-22 in the last clip wasn’t.

Author — Waylen


So much misinformation in this video that CNN would hire you on the spot!

Author — Gooch


Apparently while inside the jet itself, breaking the speed of sound is a let down, as you don’t physically feel much from it. Was kind of disappointing to hear, pilots say it’s way cooler being on the ground seeing it happen.

Author — Shinigami


They can't make it again with current technology?

Author — es2910


Vid is pure BS FAA /Navy regulations Forbid Supersonic Flight around Navy airfields and Carriers.

Author — Jeff Joseph


You do know the vapor cone has nothing to do with breaking the sound barrier, right?

Author — Chris Thumann


The only plane that broke the sound barrier was the F-14...

Author — Zachary Winter


Had most of your info wrong. You didn’t do your research it seems.

Author — billy rowland


I was at the jones beach show and I don't remember hearing a sonic boom. I've heard that they can't do that at a civilian airshow

Author — Stan C


2:06 I just had watched this video before watching this one

Author — lanswyfte


your babbling was louder than the sonic boom.tsk

Author — Cain Marco


When the video of the phantom started I thought this clown was about to break the sound barrier with gear down

Author — Eliot Merrill


The sound barrier at sea level could be anywhere around 800 miles per hour every single one of these planes can beat that by 500 miles per hour at the least.

Author — Gmoreseyes Gary


Fighter jet:goes faster than the speed of sound
Sonic in sonic x theme:am I a joke to u



My dad was army airborne in Korea this is awesome

Author — Mark Collins


"airplanes", not "airplane's". Plural, not possessive.

Author — Craig Wiester


I remember being at that air show at Jones beach I thought it was the craziest thing I’d ever seen it literally looked like a portal to another dimension opened up!!

Author — Luckyboy2562