Why People Are Using Slang Words - Sadhguru@ IIT, Bombay

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Why People Are Using Slang Words - Sadhguru@ IIT, Bombay 5
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Sadhguru was at IIT Bombay as part of the Youth and Truth movement. Watch the vibrant QnA session that followed as Sadhguru answered students’ questions on a wide range of topics


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By A Volunteer of Project Green Hands/Rally For Rivers.

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💬 Comments on the video

The person he's talking about is The chef Gordon Ramsay 😂😂

Author — Chetan Chaudhary


I feel like Sadhguru is the only person on the planet to have evolved into a true human being.... He is an exemplar in this age of fake development

Author — Adarsh Shrivastav


It's just like copying Americans in all aspects of life to prove yourself equal to them.
Our civilization says everything you do or every statement you made must have a meaning and a sense.
Otherwise u don't have a right to call yourself educated because you don't even know where to use the words.



Now a days i find only sadhguru who gives scientific reason to any question asked to him...👈👌👌

Author — Mayur Phatak


What a sensible answer...humans are highest animal in we are limiting it to one word...

Author — Vasavi V


Great explanation. It’s a slap on face of Indians who want to follow western world. They talk as if they are foreigners in their own country. Get out of this mentality.

Author — sagar dhanawade


I wish to listen to this guy for hours and hours. So calm and peaceful, yet so powerful.

Author — Vibha Thakur


Actually it's considered saying them means you're english is basically trying to copy foreigners

Author — Mangesh Chalan


as i already don't use any bad words ....and now i swear to not even think and use in future was for making me more strong towards my positive and good thoughts ...❤❤❤❤ love you sadhguru

Author — sattwikshree Divine


Sadhguru has always had his perspectives expressed in such a way that I am impressed regardless of how shitty is the question! The man is utter genious and wise!! Love him!!

Author — Saikat Biswas


Mother and Sister are the purest of all relations. And people use them bad way. 🙁 . The intention of the speaker doesn't matter. But who is listening may not like it. If you can control your speech. You speech can make you great. Fact 👍

Author — Naveen Raghuvanshi


Whatever you repeat on a daily basis with your words... you end up becoming that! That is how powerful words are!

Author — HRX Motive


Sometimes it takes time to get what he says. By tonight ill be watching this vid one more time hehe

Author — Rick Grimes


Ultimate advice to some of in this generation!

Author — Ma Shakthi


Would love to see n listen a conversation between saddguru and Sandeep maheshwari. What an interesting talk it will be...

Author — Maverick Soul


"I thought constipated maybe trying to invoke" 😂

Author — Joe Campbell


The one word for Telugu people is "FASAK" 😂😂

Author — Krishna Prem


We were using f$#% word while doing Engineering. When I passed out I found it difficult (first 2-3 months) to stop while talking to my boss and seniors at my workplace (German run). No choice. Had to stop. It stops. I myself felt terrible using such a slang when it was not needed to be used. I request students to stop using it while studying. Don't 'conform' to the f#$$ crowd.

Author — Pawan Kumar


Some people in our India including me use words like 'bc', 'mc'. They too act kind of stress buster like 'Shit' etc.
But they don't have 'Shi'!

I don't think 'Shi' is compulsory, even 'Rama', 'hey Rama', etc are also in working in india.

It may be that our subconscious mind got used to few words not necessarily having 'Shi' to control our activities!!!

Author — Swapnil Sisle


Clean is a 5 letter word.
Never mind😁

Author — Aaryan Warlord