The New Crit Zed Build Is So Satisfying...(HUGE BURST DAMAGE | NAVORI QUICKBLADES)

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So I tried the new item Navori QuickBlades and the new Hydra, and man... It's so op and fun haha. Thank you for 56 100 subscribers!

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Outro song: it's different - Shadows (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release]

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This has happened to me too. I got support but I thought I was mid. When I saw the shaco taking my red and chickens I was so confused/angry but then I realized. I outjungled my alley and carried the game but it was so funny to see the ADC tilt



perfect gameplay as always fiddle, so after all crit zed is an option too (also good luck with uni )

Author — DefLasst


i recently found your channel after struggling with zed
i recently picked him up and i was confused why im never dealing dmg with him even when being ahead and landing triple q
i will be watching your content and hopefully learn something from it! do you have any educational videos planned? like just commentary of your games? what do you do and why?

Author — Kaptyn Pierug


Zick game FidZ my man! I really hope that Brand honored you after talking Zhit about the shadows! Happens to me most times when I go Zed ADC. Having Zed as an AD Carry in most games may be the best option, because you'll always have eyes on your main victim. It's a preety great zednergy, playing alongside Pykes, Morgana, Luxs, Blitz, ect. Zed ADC is always better with a support who can CC and tank for you. Laning alongside healing champs like Soraka or Nami is just lame. Too squishy to get killed quickly by focus. Then you got one of the best combos: ADC Zed- Vel´Koz and ZUPPORT Zed-Jhin. Some ADC or supports have no idea the potential ally they've got, apart from this most have suicidal tendencies and throw the game.

Author — Roaming Shadows ローミングシャドウ (I ZPAM ZED)


I’d build the exact same thing, except the 6th item would be Infinity Edge. Phantom dancer is one of my favourite items, but Infinity IS my fave Item.

Author — Owen Novak


Nice gameplay and also had think was helpful even for me with 1.4 m pts ur good mate💪

Author — Friend`s Vlog


I started to main Zed and I blame it all on you, YOU made it look so fun and so it is.

Author — Sh4dowHood


So, I am studying Zed (5th day now) snd your Zed tips are actually helpful ! I had a game earlier where I'm practicing Zed, having a mirror match with Zed mid too. Used every tip I got from you and he rage quit !! 😂😂 The trades and wave control (especially the first blood tip) is effective ! Thankyou, you have my subscription and respect 👍👍

Author — Attano


POV: You are fed Zed ulting os solo Yuumi 🙂
Then she sits on Tryndamere 💀

Author — patet


I hope that hydra also goes to wildrift

Author — Reynaldo Rivera


people used to call me crazy for building rav hydra on zed and now they rush it first item, I WAS AHEAD OF MY TIME

Author — dsnk


I want to see your reaction to the mobile lol wild rift I am zed main too I learned a lot from you even tho PC is so much different but the macro and the decision making is just top from you I hope you give a response soon

Author — dz vine T


At 5:15 it was your fault cause u overstayed and also you could escape. U saw The w animation u saw him E on you so you should w behind him or go through tge walk Anyway. To All of us... We should read our mistakes each Game and stop fix them dont just play.

Author — Za_king_bo


ekko is master with his W very well calculated

Author — ꧁༺๖ۣۜ Phong ༒ ๖ۣۜ HO༻꧂


Is there a way we could see the full game? Also can't wait for this banger of an episode

Author — Khaenyx


Because of you using Gojos music in your vids i started wathing the show... and what can i say, i am almost through every season now just a couple of episodes from the last season are missing and i fking love it!

Author — ElFive


brother make a video about how to play in zed late game or Vs tanks

Author — N


Dude you're amazing with zed what is your rank with him

Author — Mazin Fathi


Lol I am this Xayah xD Wp to you. That was a good game

Author — Flip2741


zed r cant crit right? cause they explode like crazyXD

Author — Pier