Mom finds out her foster baby is her adopted son's sister

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Mom finds out her foster baby is her adopted son's sister 5

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My last 3 braincells trying to read this title

Author — Mila Oostendorp


the birth mother needs to STOP having kids if she doesnt want them omg. A little more responsibility please

Author — debbie v


No offense, but why is the biological mother continuing to have kids that she needs to put up for adoption?

Author — Matt Thibodeau


There are two people that need intervention in here:
1. The biological mother
2. The title maker

Author — darius2n


Katie Paige is a lovely woman, but those kids' birth mother has serious problems.

Author — Chris


I feel like there’s something going on with the biological mother.. is anyone going to see how she’s doing??

Author — Rebecca Vasquez


The biological mother needs her tubes tied! Stop having babies if you can't keep or take care of them!

Author — farznish


wtf is wrong with that woman who keeps abandoning her child? Like can you just please stop getting pregnant?

Author — Troubled INTJ


Why the mother keep on having more babies if she doesn't want them 😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Sandy Pe


I’m severely concerned about the birth mother ... is she alright?

Author — Kevin Ortega-Rojas


Ok everything is beautiful but why does the birth mom keep getting pregnant? 😶

Author — Carla Beauty


The anchor and the lady look so very similar, wth?!

Author — WatsInAName


That lady needs to get her tubs tied if she’s not going to take care of those kids ! It’s ridiculous

Author — Mariana Perez


I thought something was wrong with me while reading the title. The comment section comforted me.

Author — Farheen


Why is the biological mother even having a THIRD child??! Something's not right.

Author — Shaun Chen


Bro the title is so confusing. I first thought the story is about a mother who adopted a child but it turns out that her adopted child is the son of her sister


Author — hEyStOBiT


That woman should stop having kids if she can't keep them.

Author — Brittany Smith


Why does the mom keep having babies she ends up giving away?

Author — Asobara Eleanor


She straight up abandoned her babies and still having more kids to abandon? Someone needs to
stop this lady

Author — 7ee-go


I’m adopting!! There’s too many children on this planet without parents

Author — Isa Van Dijk