Final Project BSA

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This video is all I have......

I, Scott Walker, the baby at the the end of the video, am the last of humanity. Twenty-and-three years ago the lizards took hold of every major city. Lead by the dreaded General Anole the cuban lizard hoard took over Miami and in the ensuing weeks all of the Eastern Seaboard. Only Boston remained, but even the big apple couldn't stay un-got. Boston fell three hours ago. It was the last chance we had of mounting a resistance. I was sent to their capitol city, Chigucci-WhaHappa, to take out their queen. But the defenses in the harbor broke, now Boston and the resistance are gone. My wife was there, too. She was nine months pregnant. But thats all gone now. Now I am the last of our kind. I can still complete my mission but why bother? Everyone else is gone, I might as well give up too. So with a sigh, I back away from the queen's throat. I take three steps, then pierce my own heart. As I bleed out on the veranda I can see the queen. I can see her eyes. She's hungry. And the last warm meal around is writhing two feet in front of her. It will be an easy meal. But I hope I give her the shits....(voice trails off) (fade to black) (cash check)