Homemade Tomato Juice

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Making and canning tomato juice using the water-bath canner. It is a little thicker than most juices. Think orange juice with pulp...this is tomato juice with pulp. If you don't like it this thick, simply do not mash the tomatoes through the strainer....just let them drain. But, this is how we like it and it's a family favorite!

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Thank you for this. I'm glad you put this on Youtube, I wish my grandma could've captured her old recipes on Youtube, they are lost forever. A lot of younger people like me never learned canning, it's becoming a lost art. We need videos like this to remember and preserve recipes.

Author — neoasura


Enjoyed the video. Your video gave me all the information I needed, thanks, and by the way, glad you're not ashamed of the gospel. Be blessed too.

Author — BarnShop Productions


thank you for sharing. you did a wonderful job

Author — crossing


You made my day with this simple video.. It reminds me so much of how my own Grandmother made her juice. I will be using this recipe exactly and following you.. Indiana

Author — Linda Dilts


Interesting I never take off the ring that’s good idea.Thank you.

Author — B.C.


I make delicious tomato juice from one 6 oz can of organic tomato paste (I use Costco Kirkland or Whole Foods 360). I add 6 cups of water and 1 heaping tablespoon of celery salt. Mix well, refrigerate and enjoy.

Author — David Andrews


If it’s good enough for grandmother it’s the best for us all! Thank you 🙏 Dear for this. My youngest son has brought home a tomato 🍅 plant for pass 3 years at school. Two of those years I have been giving away tomato’s. It just hit me how much my family loves Macaroni and Tomato juice with hamburger meat, fire roasted diced tomato’s, plenty of pepper, butter and peppercinis and some of the peppercinis juice. Delicious 😋, and that’s store bought, I can only imagine the taste of Homemade juice! Love and Light!!

Author — Construct OverLoad!


Thank you for this. I am canning for the first time and I just used this to can my juice. I was so glad to find a simple "grandma's way" type video, I appreciate this a lot more than the longer higher definition videos I had to sit through before finding this. (I did add the lemon juice, but otherwise did exactly as you did.) Here's to another 30 years of this method working!

Author — Mila Haze


thanks for sharing. I did learn something about taking the rings off after completely cooled to better see if a jar has gone bad.

Author — Nancy Boyers


May God Bless You Too. Ma'am. Thank You for Sharing.

Author — haqnawaz khan


This is how I do my tomato juice and I have never lost a jar. But then it does not last long enough to go bad! But I do add several drops of haberano pepper sauce to it, as my family likes the spice. Thanks for a great video!

Author — Debbie LaGrange


Excellent! Can I leave out the salt? Also, do you can the rest of it or does it all boil down? Thank you young lady! 2021 will be my best year yet!

Author — Lobster Mania


I'm finding it difficult to find video suggestions or feedback for best tomatoes to can juice. Any suggestion?

Author — Brett White


If I wanted to make the juice but not can for long term storage, could I skip the boiling in the jar part? And how long would it stay fresh in the refrigerator? I only have enough tomatoes left to make one jar for Bloody Mary's

Author — Shelli


Thankyou for sharing. Quite amazing because this is the same way I make my tomato juice and can it. .... and I got the canning process from my wife's mum. Somethings just hold the test of time don't they?

Author — Robert Sababady


How long does homemade tomato sauce last for that have been canned and still sealed tight?thank you

Author — mystique rose


Do these have to be refrigerated after ?

Author — Daisy Guillen


Thank you for your video. I tried to make a batch (and unfortunately added the lemon juice in. Bleh!). I saw my juice separate and wanted it to stay thick looking. How did you keep your tomato juice from separating?

Author — Aja Mitchell


I do mine the same way..no lemon juice

Author — Lisa Williams


now this is real tomato juice @tastyjuices

Author — Nish