Best of VICE News: War and Conflict

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Best of VICE News: War and Conflict 4.5

In this episode, we're diving into our best stories about war and conflict. Here you'll see excerpts from:

This is What Winning Looks like:
The Vice Guide to Congo:
The Rebels of Libya:
SOFEX: The Business of War:
Crime and Punishment in the Gaza Strip:

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"Shoot back at wherever you're getting shot from"

Yup, that's the idea.

Author — Tring-aling-ahim-bahoo-lahumbela


Those minesweepers seem to be having loads of fun.

Author — ramirezharrier


Damit VICE, i should be in bed now...

Author — Voll Tropfen


"we want to become like europe" "so we became the exact opposit, by many miles"

Author — Glaskruset


You gotta respect those ANA bomb disposal guys. The stupid grin on the face of the guy at 5.36 made me laugh. He and his team are fearless. What geezers.

Author — Stuart Sollis


(05:35) You can tell he's spent too much time with the British Army lmao

Author — a stupid genius


One man terrorist, others FREEDOM Fighter.

it's just matter of view.

Author — Ernest Jay


4:37 the way it was translated made me laugh a bit
thanks vice

Author — SponzifyMee


4:38 The Minesweeper guys is the bravest of every soldier in the entire world.. they have steel balls to do something like that everyday with chill vibe!!

Author — Quya Kalashnikova


2:30 that one afghan dude is keyed. He can barely keep his eyes open. Weed n Heroin all day everyday down there.

Author — RIDIN’ HIGH 5150


my first world problems just disappeared. thanks for the reality check vice

Author — howcudany1dothis


bro the Afghani officer's laugh gets me weak

Author — clastic ish


This is the vice we want; relatively short and filled with action and interesting highlights

Author — Oscar Valdini


All they want is freedom. They have got it. Freedom to kill, to be poor, to be base for global terrorism and NATO forces, to live in chaos and anarchy.
It's real freedom, what to wish else?

Author — Михаил Попов


Seems like the main causes of conflict nowadays are fighting for "freedom"(which can be anything from religious freedom, democracy, secession or just a front for the other points), religious extremism/intolerance, general bigotry, and good old human greed. 

Author — Sardonic A


11:51 Dude got the firework launcher tho.

Author — Trejit Rebnok


0:18 guy look like a character from mw2

Author — Slumped GoAt


It’s good to see Iran and the US are finally on the same side when it comes to terrorists

Like the old days

Author — fresh frozen


I Love how they dedicate their lives to show us the truth !

Author — Ayee Jiff


Damn this is when vice was badass, does anyone know any company’s in 2020 doing shit like this

Author — Andre Warszawa