Armored Warfare T-14 152 Armata Gameplay 2019 01 01

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Armored Warfare T-14 152 Armata Gameplay 2019 01 01 4.5
The T-14 was first seen at the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade, ushering in a new generation of Russian main battle tanks. Development on the vehicle took a number of years and was originally initiated after the cancellation of the T-95 project. The T-14 boasts a number of significant technological upgrades, not the least of which being a remote unmanned turret.

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nice game, good job. keep em coming bud!

Author — Ribalder R


Nice match looking forward to new videos I play all the time

Author — Alex Scolavino


6 sense and brother in arms skill for commander....

Author — Nia Imaniyah


11min wait. Ya thats why this game is having problems

Author — amazingman63


How is the tank unlocking system? You have to investigate them or from the beginning you can select any of the available

Author — DeathMaster666


woah! thats World of Tanks with modern tanks

Author — Froggy


why did they have to make it so ugly tho

Author — Hungry Hedgehog