Dramatic Video Shows Plane Landing During Violent Storm

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Dramatic Video Shows Plane Landing During Violent Storm 4.5

A KLM pilot skillfully lands a Boeing 777 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport during a violent storm. Photo: Michael Splinter

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Pilots don't get enough credit. Having such control over that aircraft only comes with years of flying Experience! Those guys know what they're doing!

How about a thumbs up for all the Pilots around the world!? Thankyou for all you do!!

Author — Samuel Overs


Seats had been repainted brown that day...

Author — korpakukac


Some say the passengers are still clapping now

Author — Luke Elliott


now that's a plane landing that you can applaud to

Author — Chris


Ryan Air has these type of landings on a normal day 😅😅😅😅

Author — ultimate car and flight feed


As a retired corporate pilot I know how hard theses pilots worked to get that plane down safely. Kudos go out to you guys.

Author — richard schindler


Hope someone bought those pilots a round. That was an incredible feat of flying.

Author — Douglas Lally


And he still made a somewhat butter landing


Author — RafaStonks


Inside the cockpit: "windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear windshear"

Author — KevinSun242


That was crazy, but that pilot managed to set it down with out to much of a bang

Author — Jonathan Chalmers


I'm betting the cabin crew had to change underwear after that landing :P

Author — Bob Lake


When you tired about 10 hours of flight and you won’t go around...

Author — Gérald CHARBONIER


Bruh those are my landings on every flight simulator😂

Author — Cruz_Angel_ 1125


Flying like this by instinct and the seat of your pants, in constantly variable wind gusts, needs skill to get it right.
Wrestling with constant trim corrections is no joke.
The last 30 seconds are always a bit hairy because you're almost there, but not quite down.
That last twitch to the right side before touchdown, could have easily had the wing tip scrape the runway, it was very close!
Nice piloting in this clip, - a job well done.👊👍

Author — Mervyn Sands


This pilot landed softer than most pilots i’ve flown with on a normal day

Author — J L C Y


I know Boeing is down now, but this has to be one of the most sexy/natural/bird looking airplane ever made. I can see a bird landing, not an airplane

Author — Cosmin Croitoru


I assume that some if not all of the passengers were scared to death.

Author — Iwan


He landed it like a champ. That correction was superb. Any rookie would have over corrected to much and could have been a disaster.

Author — ccrpalex


Crew: “prepare for immediate evacuation upon landing”
Me: “oh, I’m terribly sorry. I’ve already evacuated a few minutes ago. I haven’t got anything left!” Hahahahaha

Author — Arthur Harris


That is a butt pucker landing right there.

Author — Marty Elkins