Best Pilots in the World Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-around Extreme Weather

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Best Pilots in the World Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-around Extreme Weather 5

All aircraft landed and took off safely ! These pilots are well trained and airplanes are well build.

Watch out for Embraer E190 Go-around at Birmingham EGBB Airport during Storm Ciara . The pilots received windshear warning at minimums and decided to abort the landing. The wind was 210°↑ 25 gusty up to 39 knots.
Also in this footage Emirates Airbus A380 crosswind landing with an impressive reverse thrust , Boeing 787 takeoff during bad weather conditions and many more.
At one point I had to stop filming , it was too windy ! Britain is bracing for more bad weather this weekend, with forecasters warning that Storm Dennis could hit the UK. Met Office meteorologists have confirmed that there will be strong gusts across the UK, with a yellow weather warning in place on Saturday

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Nicely filmed, wasnt easy in that wind and rain!!

Author — Elwyn R


Watch the landing gear. It stays straight down the runway even though the wind is pushing the plane all over. Im not sure what its called..lets call it Adaptive Dynamic Landing Gear or ADLG.

Author — John Password


Plane: has a tricky landing in crosswinds but safely lands.

Media: A plane nearly CRASHES

Author — Gleaming BigE


First officer: how much wind correction angle?
Pilot flying: yes

Author — Marco Nepa


Nice filming, steady shot, minimal editing and no annoying music. That's how I like it, just the real thing. Very good job! (Edited because of confusion)

Author — Gerard Mollema


Not joking when i say this is one of the best plane captures i have seen. Amazingly filmed !

Author — Syd Bailey


Pilots deserves award every safe take off & landing.

Author — Cass Ang


And this is why I clap after landings.

Author — Dee Dellimore


Everybody gangsta till the plane starts taking off and you see the runway aligned from your window

Author — Dipsy and Ren


Oh, that’s what those little bags are for in the seat backs.

Author — 1928ModelA1931


Trains: no we can't drive
Planes: Hold my beer...

Author — Marquis de Hoto


The smell in the cabins must have been horrendous.

Author — fastjaydub


I was on Ethiopian airline on this morning landing Heathrow it was experience that I don't want to happen again.

Author — ajakislakis Weah


Crazy how these pilots can even get in the air with those heavy balls of steel

Author — Paul Lütze


Teacher: How long is the A380 Wingspan?
Me: As wide as the runway
Teacher: CORRECT! for now

Author — The Multi Technologist


0:50 OMG that A380's landing massive👌
Fly Emirates👍

Author — Redmi note3


Why in the Hell did I click on this?! Thanks. Now I'm never flying again if it's windy out! : )

Author — R Ski


Mamma Mia!!! These pilot's are something! 🙌🏻

Author — Susan Rivers


Omg. They’re virtually taking off sideways🙈

Author — Mikey G


Damn, imagine being the passengers in any of these planes....

Author — Jay Cho