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In celebration of the Arma series' 16th anniversary, this free DLC returns players to a re-imagination of Malden - the iconic island terrain featured in the first Arma game. Malden 2035 spans over 62 km2 in land mass, features 15 towns and villages, and offers many different points of interest. In addition, the Malden DLC delivers a new 12-player cooperative sandbox mode called Combat Patrol, in which you and your unit take on AI enemy forces to complete various mission objectives.

*The free Arma 3 Malden DLC is automatically added to the Steam Library of everyone who owns Arma 3.

About Arma 3
Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox. Authentic, diverse, open – Arma 3 sends you to war.

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Pretty badass! New maps are really good for the longevity of the game and FREE maps are AMAZING!
Good work BI :D

Author — OperatorDrewski


>implying I have 11 friends to play Arma with

Author — Kreegs


This is actually pretty nice for a free DLC. Although there are only 4 or 5 completely new buildings, various reskins of known buildings give a fresh vibe. The Island is something inbetween Altis and Tanoa in aspect of the terrain. It's very rocky with lots of small forests and a lot of green. I have already seen multiple interesting locations for Battle Royale for example.
Nice work!

Author — Holga Rita


That music triggered my nostalgia so bad!!!

Author — Peacecraft


As if all the mods weren't enough, now we get a FREE dlc. This game just keeps on giving.

Author — Clarence Dass


ALL... MOVE... TO...THAT... TREE...AT....12....O'CLOCK


ENEMY...B-M-P.... IS

Author — Spicy.Noodle


Armstrong, you see that truck on the left? Run to it and back. Hurry up!

Author — Xareo999


Thanx BIS for the meories on this terrain and the new ones to come. OFP will nvr die!

Author — Kirk Worley


this is great, my nasa computer will run this at medium settings

Author — fr1x


hope the will update everon aswell would be awesome!

Nice and high quality map!!

Author — Ben Preusser


Nostalgy all the way. The soundtrack of the best game ever made showed up! Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis is epic!

Author — Nuno Deodato


One video where it is allowed to like before watching because I checked the map out before this video! :) I hope the stones are not as glitches as the one from Tanoa!
I would really like to see the blue vehicle Argo skins implemented in Arma 3!

Author — QuantumBullet


Developers like this make the Arma franchise the best in the world.

Author — Burnt Toast


quick! someone recreate the good'ol OFP:CWC missions! the nostalgia is too much to handle!!

Author — Banned Inc.


Malden ? We need Everon and Kolgujev now !
This brings me so many memories !
God Operation Flashpoint was good !

Author — Claudy_Focan


Can we all just stop for a moment and admire that thumbnail!!! I though it was captured by a vlogger when i saw it!...

Author — Kd Mo


It's Sunday night football, Live!

Author — Viewer



Author — • GzM •


Great, now can we PLEASE have a cold war campaign?

Author — cherminatorDR


Try Map in Dev Bild and it's really cool, im enjoying this map, better then Altis and Stratis (both are nice Maps) but Malden has Mord Atmosphere with the wineyards as example.

One Thing, just my opinion: The old "original" Flashpoint Main Theme sounds way better then this! So many memories to this song! All ArmA Soundtracks are great btw and im listen to them very often!

Author — Fabian Bobrowski