BSA 650 Lightning 1971

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BSA 650 Lightning 1971 4.5
First start of the restored BSA Lightning 650 after 16 years and a total rebuild

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watching this I was almost happy as you guys :))

Author — jokansen


very nice job well done, little bit of tuning needed, specially low down, rolled off on one cylinder at the start, but hey you gotta fettle a bit after the first run.

lovely to see another box of bits turned into a bike.

Author — Gen Me


I have a 67 Spitfire.They are nice.Well done on that build now go and use it

Author — mrstupid


Well done !!! Reminds me of the '72 650 Lightning my father rode here in the States when I was a child in the early 70's. Funny how 40 odd years later, hearing your bike brought back memories of how his sounded the same.

Author — Brian Baker


Brilliant the look on your faces say`s it all, you did a good job. Enjoy!

Author — Paul Allton


Great Job the old Brit iron running! First kick it dose not get any better than that.

Author — 03bonneville


A great moment captured. First kick staight in gear and couldn't wait to ride it love it. There's a lot of time and work gone in to that bike. Out of the cellar like a vintage wine. Great work

Author — Nige Mellor


Nice job of restoring a classic bsa...well done...:):):)

Author — bossco09


Did you ever get the tank and side covers repainted to the original 1971 orange and white colors?

Author — Thomas Nessman


Primary chain too tight, that's your whirring noise

Author — bonkey dollocks


Had one just like it back in the late 70's Orange tank white frame. No one wanted them back then. Funny that.

Author — phakit


Ah ha ha ha ha a good feeling as it starts. A handsome Bike for sure. Can't see the detail, but I'm sure it looks very good indeed up close

Author — Gohot229


My dad had one, the standard 650....Always a great buzz to hitch a backie on the beast...! Was usually in bits on the floor though!

Author — 69Phuket


great bike i had a lightning and a thunderbolt just tickle that amal carb and they are easy to start

Author — daniel burns


Stellar Wahl der grauen Rahmen. Macht wirklich die schwarz lackierten Tank und Chrom Pop. Ich fahre eine 1968 Triumph Trophy Sport hier in North Central Texas "Cowtown" Fort Worth. Die heutige hohe Temperatur war 70 fahrenheit.
Y'All haben einen Knall mit dem beeza. -gilpin 2-26-16

Author — Sold to be Diers


Thomas Nessman, I hope they did something with the tank because the paint on it in the video is awful! there is no shine to it at all, needs a good rub down, buffing and/or clear coat, depending on what paint was used?

Author — notwocdivad