Game of Thrones - Most Satisfying Deaths (Season 1 - 7)

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Ramsay Bolton
King Joffrey
The North Remembers
Walder Frey

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I deeply enjoyed the fact that Joffery died thinking his Uncle poisoned him.

Author — Nurse Mercy


A reminder of why it's important to keep your dogs fed.

Author — Dennis Mungai


Lady Olenna: "Idiots, help your king!"
Oh, if only anyone knew! 😂😂😂

Author — A T


“When people ask you what happened here...tell them THE NORTH REMEMBERS.”

Author — Melissa S


"Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear."
Such chilling impact in these lines.

Author — OnCuzImBored


The game of thrones women are the best killers

Author — ShaneTheBro


"My hounds will never harm me...they're loyal beasts."

Man or beast; when one isn't properly compensated or cared for, any loyalty they had towards you is destroyed

Author — sadlobster1


Lmaooo Arya don't play, she slits the throat like nobody's business

Author — Bandile Mthethwa


I was disappointed in Joffrey's poisoning. I wanted him to suffer more. To see it coming knowing he couldn't do anything about it.

Author — Beam Meup


Fortunately, this video doesn't need a sequel because there were no satisfying deaths in season 8.

Author — Bradley S


All these satisfying deaths involve a Stark XD

Ned would be proud

Author — TheGoldennach


My dog is so smart, If he hadn't eaten in TWO days he would probably go in the kitchen and cook his own food.

Author — vingthor the hurler


The actor who played Joffrey was really good in making me want to punch his face in real life 😂

Author — irvanm87


I love how Arya just slits his throat with no hesitation 😂😭😭

Author — Mya Alston


The most satisfying scene out of the whole show was king Jefrey get poisoned and turn all colors of a rainbows before leaving us...)

Author — Snp solo


I just realized that the Starks won the ultimate Game of thrones title, Bran Stark has the six kingdoms, Sansa has the North, Jon has the far North and Arya went to conquer more lands in the far west

Author — victoria mary


"Look! The pie!" I LOVE you Margaery

Author — finn Eight


The most satisfying was the revenge on House of Frey.

The least satisfying was the death by dogs of Ramsey Bolton.

He should have first been skinned alive and left hanging in the courtyard THEN let the dogs have their way.

Author — Albert Chehade


Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.

Author — Melwyn Sunny


I love how little finger still tries to talk and manipulate people to the literal last second of his life. It would have been better if they cut out his tongue as punishment and then killed him.

Author — Lemonade lemon