STAND YOUR GROUND - Railway Defense Line | Sudden Strike 4 Winter Storm DLC Gameplay

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STAND YOUR GROUND - Railway Defense Line | Sudden Strike 4 Winter Storm DLC Gameplay 5

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Play wings of duty bro its very exciting, various plane and good for mobile game

2nd comment

Author — Le Mar


Thats a very American sounding Russian there

Author — Philip Cheng


Who knew Vaschili could drive a tank? Oh yeah, MoH 3 :) O7 Sir!

Author — Average Joe


This DLC is good but if Sudden Strike includes the Finn's they got'a make one for the Italians.

Author — Jody Russell


Raptor how many time do you have in youtube???

Author — XxkrampussxX camilo


I loved the smoke reference from gta san andreas at 26:45 just epicness

Author — GettysburgBatle


31:38 That T-26 decided to pick up some extra frontal armor on the way xD

Author — James Bernadette


What's better, the Africa or Winter-Storm dlc?

Author — Liberalism and conservatism is a plague on society


Great video Raptor. I know it's a pain but could you make a specific playlist for all your Sudden Strike 4 videos please?
Also, it takes time but I like to spread my infantry out a bit and I use a few to protect my armored vehicles against grenades and mortars. Also sharpshooters in towers are ok to a point but I like to move them off to the side, then wait for chances to move them behind the enemy infantry while their engaged. The enemy get chewed up quick. Just watch enemy armor cause they will turn their attention to your sharpshooters. Another trick I use is to put mortars behind buildings close to the corners andthen park armor right there to block enemy fire. They rip enemy to shreds. Retreat mortars as necessary. Thanks for the videos. I'm waiting for the new Winter Storm dlc for PS4 still. Should arrive by Aug. 31. Also looking forward to Iron Harvest.

Author — Glen Damico


Ive been subcribed through diffrent phones though the years n i never turned my back on you raptor lol sometimes i would unsubscribe n re subscribe when u go live just so u can say my name u said it one time im like freaking out lmao but keep whut you doing bro n ps if u ever in san Antonio texas n u need some holy bud i gotchu fam n my Instagram satx_600
N ps did u hear bout that space force im 16 native American and mexican American n shiiii i had my eyes on the marines since i can walk n talk but now there this space force im down wit finna blast some space putos lmao

Author — Dario Portillo


The best sniper in the world was find in ww2

Author — war logic


Anybody else think they could've used that tow truck in Balkin campaign to get those big German tanks out of the mud?

Author — Jody Russell


Raptor this game sucks. Its a disgrace to sudden strike 1-3

Author — MasterSteve