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Matty Conrad teaches you how to trim your beard at home.

00:00:01 Intro
00:03:19 The importance of washing your beard
00:03:48 blowdrying
00:06:00 Freehand
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00:15:20 Base
00:22.22 Moustache
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How To Trim Your Beard
Don't Colour Your Beard
How To Fade Your Beard
8 Beard Growing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Matty Conrad has been called GQ's favourite mens groomer and is most well know for his how-to-grow a beard series with the popular magazines youtube page. But Matty is also the owner of multiple successful barbershops, has been awarded some of the barbering industries top honours, has been features in dozens of magazines, works with celebrity clients, and after 27 years has become a legitimate barbering icon. He has spent the last decade travelling around the world sharing his best tips and tricks with barbers and promoting his men's grooming range Victory Barber & Brand which he designed to help men increase their confidence and groom themselves for greatness. A consummate beardsman Matty has turned his attention to teaching men how to take care of their facial hair and answering all their grooming related questions. SO leave your question in the comments and maybe he will answer yours next!


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Your tips helps massively! However, after having a beard for over 10 years, I finally went to an actual men’s barber specialized in beards. After an hour of a full cut, trim and shave I wondered why I never had done this. Amazing experience.

Author — @BrutusMaximusAurelius


Just trimmed mine with your guidance, been growing mine out for a while and was looking a bit wild, not really knowing what I’m doing, but this has helped massively. Also perfect timing just before Xmas. Great video dude 😎 ✂️

Author — @reddevil2336


Just came across your channel. This is the first time I feel I understood a little about how barbering works. The way you are able to articulate and explain little important details is a reflection of someone who truly understands his craft. Every field has its intricacies and tricks and you're someone who's mastered yours. Thank you so much for sharing all this content. Respect!

Author — @sameeraman8320


I’ve recently started trimming my own beard. And feel like I do a pretty good job. But with a few little tweaks I learned watching this video, I feel like I’ll be able to take my beard to the next level. Nice vid man. New subscriber.

Author — @casper600rr


This might be the best freehand beard trimming tutorial on the internet. Kudos to you, sir. As you mentioned, scissors can be very handy, and I find them especially useful for the moustache and back of jaw areas.

Author — @frannydai


Trimmed my beard for the first time without a guard thanks to your guide. Followed the steps and shaped my beard perfectly. It looks amazing, thank you!

Author — @sp00ky_channel


Thank you for making this, I've been growing my beard out for the last 7 months and its looking like your beard is now. I've been a little worried about doing anything to it but watching this makes me feel a little more confident about doing some trimming.

Author — @exodus146


Love your videos Matty! Thank you for the tips, trying freehand trimming tomorrow. With this video I think I can’t miss!

Author — @RJacobs8907


This could not have come at a better time. I’ve been growing out my beard and was telling myself I’ll give it a trim tomorrow.

Author — @SlimeyMikey69


I've watched this so many times and each time gotten progressively better. So worth paying for premium for this to help me tonight with a NYE clean up. Thanks Matty! Can't wait for the coloring vid. Last 3 yrs have aged me something fierce 😂

Author — @bhgemini


Matty, my man you are amazing! I cannot even tell you how many videos I have watched from other folks and they haven’t even come close to the information, professionalism and accuracy that you just provided! Liked and Subscribed!! You are now my go too for beard trimming. I’ve had one all my life since an adult, and I am finally taking it seriously at 52😅! THANK YOU for providing great and thorough content!! Cheers and Happy New Year! You ROCK!

Author — @aaronshagar


Hands down the best beard guidance. Love this dude.

Author — @traviscole3243


You have a tremendous amount of impact on men across the world, but you probably already know that. Whenever I get questions about my beard I just link your GQ video which has been a tremendous help for at least 1 1/2 years now. Happy to have found your channel and this extended cut now. I'd unironically buy your products if shipping weren't 39.95 USD. Unlucky for european students. So I guess liking, sharing and commenting for the YT algorithm boost is what I can do to help instead lol. Thanks dude!

Author — @mile_man


I love your tutorials! Thank you so much. I’ve been growing my beard out for about three months, and I’m going to try this tonight. Side note… What kind of watch are you wearing in this video? I love it!

Author — @nathanroane3151


I nearly give up on my beard until I come across you dude. Love you tutorials. Mine is nigh on white now, tried dying and just not for me, guess it's time to embrace the grey.



It has been interesting to watch your approach to “cutting back the brush pile.” I tried the clipper method once about twenty-five years ago. Oooops! I went back to the scissors and comb. The last day that I shaved my face, was 10 Sep 68. This was for my Army physical, which a serious insect allergy caused me to be passed over. I may grow the courage to get a better trimmer, and try it again. The white hair seems a bit stiffer.
I thank you again for letting me watch you work and explain things in a sensible manner.

Author — @robertqueberg4612


Thank you so much for this video. I'm 50 and for the first time in my life i work in a career where I could grow a beard if I wanted to.. The scariest part of this whole experience is the trimming and having no idea what I'm doing. I really appreciate this video and learned a lot!

Author — @uncleporkins


I've watched a ton of somewhat similar video, well, similarly-themed videos, over the years, but nothing compares to yours. I've stumbled upon your how-to guides years ago and they really helped. It took me some time to get used to the freehand tecqhnique and everything, but it changed the way I take care od my beard. I also learned a lot about trimmers and clippers, and so much more. Thank you for your help, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it, and that I love your work in general. Keep pushing out content, you're great at it. I'll watch every single one of your videos, that's for sure. Great work and thank you! 👌

Author — @MrKrisWhyNot


Great tutorial. Could you do a 'touchup' beard trimming video to highlight the do's and dont's to avoid those mistakes that will ruin a beard? It seems to be easy to go too far when touching up.

Author — @joshuacornelius25


Hey Matty, great video! Your tips are so helpful. Thank you, sir. Happy New Year!

Author — @cem1838