Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio

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Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio 4.5
By choosing a studio that measures just 12 feet by 7 feet, Felice Cohen can afford to live in Manhattan's Upper West Side where apartments rent for an average of $3,600 per month. She pays just over $700 for her 90-square-foot microstudio. After a bit of adjustment she now loves living smaller, simpler and cozier.

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You can tell she is trying so hard to convince herself that this is a great idea

Author — Michael Siountres


She forgot to tell us she lives in new york

Author — SSBeerus


She had a panic attack about getting out of bed. I had a panic attack when she opened the door

Author — Brie S


She pays nearly $9K a year to live in a prison cell. Well, good for her.

Author — Easy Eight


is it really worth it living in a tuna can just so that you can say that you're from manhattan....

Author — Gilles


"This city has so much to offer, Gyms, and coffee shops and libraries."

idk whos gonna tell her those are everywhere but someone needs too. lol.

Author — Java Goblin


That bed gives me so much anxiety just looking at it. My claustrophobia is screaming

Author — mia saint


Lol people paying luxury prices to live in relative poverty

Author — Charles


“in new york city most people store their laundry in their stoves anyway” when?? in the 19th century when there were 2 immigrant families in a room???

Author — Valarie Robyn


That doesn’t look professionally organized, lol.

Author — Nyu Kaede


My garage is like 20 times bigger than your apartment. That means I could subdivide it and rent it out to a bunch of professional organizers. Thank you for the motivation to become a real estate mogul.

Author — Silver Surfer


“On this episode of places you would die if there was a fire.”

Author — Brad Singleton


My favorite part of this video, are the comments 😆😆😂😂

Author — Laure Mehrkens


the apartment is so small you have to go outside to change your mind

Author — Scott Smith


While everyone loves being cozy, this is an MRI tube

Author — Your Ego


The farts alone will proably gas you to death

Author — Smug Smugly


“My dad is a bankruptcy lawyer, he warned me that going to college and racking up all that debt to become a writer would someday have me living in a broom closet...”


Author — Scott Finochio


I'm surprised you got actual daylight and not just a brickwall right in front of your window

Author — Mistress Mona


No. That bed close to the ceiling made me feel sick.

Author — Yesenia Cabrera


If she is not home half the time, it could be worth it, for me personally

Author — Diego Nunez