Magnus is A Queen Stronger!

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Rapport, Richard (2760) - Carlsen, Magnus (2855)
A08 Reti, King's Indian attack

Norway Chess is a 6-player double round-robin featuring World Champion Magnus Carlsen and taking place in the Clarion Hotel Energy in Stavanger, Norway from 7-17 September. Each of the 10 rounds consists of a classical game where a win is worth 3 points and a loss 0. If the players draw they play an Armageddon game, where the winner earns 1.5 points and the loser 1 point. No draw offers are allowed before move 30.

00:00 Hello Everyone
00:50 Game Starts
03:28 Completely New Game
07:30 Pause The Video!
10:40 Pause The Video 2!
14:00 It Was In This Position
14:55 Contributions

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I have been thinking lately that I am privileged to be able to watch Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, LeBron James, Roger Federer in their prime, but I am also privileged to watch Magnus Carlsen. He is a master of his own craft and it is beautiful to see him.

Author — Dr-OP


When playing chess, the hard part isn't finding the correct move during the pause the video moment. It's recognizing the pause the video moment when it happens.

Author — P J


This is why I love Antonio. "Magnus wants to be the one that but chess doesn't work this another complete gem; where else do you get such inspired commentary?

Author — Tony Splodge


Wow, Richard Rapport is a real beast. Almost beat Magnus, kept advantage the whole middlegame.

Author — Ivan Rybnikov


I stay up early hours in Australia just to catch Antonio's recaps.

Author — billy bo


Hi agadmator! I’m really happy that you cover a match with a Hungarian player. But the pronunciation of Richárd is a bit different in Hungarian than in English. The “Ri” part is the same, but the “chárd” is like the English word hard. So it’s like Rihard. Best wishes: Balázs

Author — Balázs Varga


Magnus is on fire recently, I’m scared for nepo

Author — Sugondese Nuts


14:51 Or as GM Ben Finegold likes to say: "Why are the good players always lucky?"

Author — B3GG


I want to see Agad analyze a game of chess that Medo has played

Author — J R O


Even without the Queen magnus is stronger then all other players.

Author — Ayan Shrivastava


I NEED the match between Nepo and Carlsen !

Author — Diego


Richárd is pronounced as riha:rd ("h" probably as a Croatian would pronounce it + the "a" is long, something like a double "a")

Author — g3ff01


2:18 Magnus can simply bring the rook to d8 and capture back with the bishop and preserve castling privillage as well.

Author — Zarif Tahmid Shoeb


When you see an agadmator notification :
That's the good stuff.

Author — Ishan Prakash


Amazing, shows why Carslen is such a strong player!

Author — rkrmtest


Can you show the engine's analysis for the players' move accuracy at the end of the game? I'm interested to know

Author — jegtugado


That’s nothing all my opponents manage to always be a Queen, knight. bishop and rook up

Author — Gjj Yggh


Magnus has clinched a win from two lost positions in Armageddon now.

Author — Yusuf


Defeating Magnus seem so difficult..all of the recent games, even he was not in a good position but was able to comeback and win or draw...legend of the game

Author — saiteja suggala


To see Magnus in his top this era of his and mine just ❤️

Author — Sebastian Rex