Response to Globebusters - The Earth Still Isn't Flat

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Response to Globebusters - The Earth Still Isn't Flat 4.5

Last week I posted a video about how we know the Earth is round, from the perspective of modern astronomy. The Flat Earth community did not like it one bit, and the channel "Globebusters" decided to talk for three hours on their livestream about how stupid my video is, and how stupid I am. I didn't really appreciate that, so I decided to make a video about their video to illustrate precisely how little they know about science, and to further reinforce how utterly absurd the Flat Earth "model" is, as well as some of the finer points about the conspiracy. Enjoy!

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It's like playing chess against a pigeon. Doesn't matter how good at chess you are, the pigeon is just going to knock all the pieces over, shit on the board and declare itself the winner and fly away.

Author — Jiminy Lummox


Flat Earther logic: "If i don't understand it then it must be fake"

Author — StepOne


“It’s really quite easy, DAVE” - guy having terribly hard time understanding anything

Author — Angus Smedes


The flat earth dude literally used “the power of the heavens” as his argument lmao

Author — Weyland Thomàs


The thing I can't stand most about flat earther's is the smug, arrogant attitude they exude.... laughing while spewing ignorant, idiotic crap is just wow...

Author — Ryan Bilitz


I like flat eathers, they make me feel more intelligent

Author — Jorge V


Flat earther at school in English class:

Teacher: to be or not to be

Flat earther: electro magnetism

Author — Dylan Cox


I have never spent time listening to "flat earth" logic before. I didn't realize that this nonsense required this much effort to explain. The more you explain things, the more ridiculous the opposition you are trying to counter becomes.

I am flabbergasted that this was necessary. I appreciate the patience you have taken to do so.

Author — Melodie-Allyn BenEzra


Dave: "Explains with science from many scientists that existed in the world"

Globebusters: Scientists are paid actors

Flat earthers hurts my brain

Author — QuartzMineral


There’s no argument nor explanation to be made. They’re a cult. They “wanna believe” their lives have any importance and that they “know the truth”. They’re self-important narcissists.

Author — Ecktor


Anyone else scrolling down the comments looking for flat earthers?🧐

Author — Anamee


“They believe in Science, just bad science.”
-Ancient Chinese man.

Author — Mr.America 69


If their goal is to waste everyone's time, they have succeeded.

Author — Jonathan Guzman


Why would the Soviet Union the U.S biggest enemy at the time of the signing of the antartica treaty pay to guard NASA a american goverment aggency???

Author — TheGamingSwede


If only the Earth is flat then is the Earth Flying like a Frizbee while the other planets are just normal?

Author — Mateusz G


its hard to win an argument against an intelligent person, but it's impossible to win against an idiot

Author — Spyder


The fact they keep saying his name, trying to verbally assault him, is literally a violation of YouTube's guidelines

Author — Prizmar Valschi


I love how this video is 1 year old and Dave is still responding to idiotic flat earthers in the comments. Respect

Author — The Pyjama Llama Loewen


Spherical earthers when he said Uranus: ok let’s listen

Flat earthers: haha planet go fart

Author — Dylan Cox


Dearest Professor Dave - Our regiment is presently enjoying a well earned respite from duty following the surrender of General Lee's confederate army. Most of the men under my command, overjoyed at having reached the terminus of this great struggle, are participating in an athletic endeavor called base (a certain game of ball), while my fellow officers and I, although certainly not General Grant, are included in this tavern where I currently sit with a fine ale. As I provide these words to my scribe, for I beg your forgiveness but I am too overwhelmed with drink and joy to inscribe them by my own hand, there sits across the room two gentlemen who speak derisively of your honor and integrity, and who make special reference to your lectures herein contained. These personages bear the colors and insignia of neither the Union nor the Confederacy so I presume them to be of cowardly nature as well as distinctly dim of wit. In defense of your name and honor I here resolve with solemnity to exit this tavern, advance to the adjacent cow pasture, procure a hefty helping of the bovine deposits invariably found in such a place, and return henceforth to this tavern to forcibly cram the cow doodie into the faces of these miscreants besmirching your name and that of all science. -- Honorably yours, Capt. Andrew Luck.

Author — Capt. Andrew Luck