Response to Globebusters - The Earth Still Isn't Flat

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Last week I posted a video about how we know the Earth is round, from the perspective of modern astronomy. The Flat Earth community did not like it one bit, and the channel "Globebusters" decided to talk for three hours on their livestream about how stupid my video is, and how stupid I am. I didn't really appreciate that, so I decided to make a video about their video to illustrate precisely how little they know about science, and to further reinforce how utterly absurd the Flat Earth "model" is, as well as some of the finer points about the conspiracy. Enjoy!

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i like how their only counter-argument is to say “i knew you would say that dave”

Author — QuanChuloo


I've watched this video multiple times and it's strictly mind blowing how they do not try to explain anything in depth. And yet you can do that in a simple, yet completely understandable fashion. I'm an idiot when it comes to these things but I like watching your videos. Keep up the good fight.

Author — Michael Dube


All you need is a high-school-level understanding of chemistry and physics to know that the Earth is not flat. I am fully convinced that these people dropped out of school when they were sixteen because they thought they already knew everything, and just never grew out of that.

Author — The Therran Native


Thank you for this lol. It's sad you even have to explain yourself in such depth but such is this world sigh

Author — Amit Beats


I wish had you, Professor Dave as my high school science teacher.

Author — Tommy von Muttonfudge


It's like playing chess against a pigeon. Doesn't matter how good at chess you are, the pigeon is just going to knock all the pieces over, shit on the board and declare itself the winner and fly away.

Author — Elrond Hubbard


When I feel like I'm too stupid to understand things, I watch this and immediately feel better and thankful.

Author — Mona Tama


I have so much fun watching science punch flat earthers in the mouth.

Author — Todd Boyce


I like Flat Earth Theory because it essentially puts all of the stupidest people in one place and makes it easy to sort of keep track of them and see what they're up to.

Author — Ryan Laches


Great video - really good job.
These flat earthers are just wrong, flat out wrong.
We live on a spinning ball, not a pancake!

Author — Alice Deen


One problem, Dave. How can you burst their flat-earther bubbles when their bubbles are not spheres?

Author — The Official Doge


Listening to these people argue the flat earth makes me wonder if they can say anything except, "no, n-n-n-no, that's not true! I'm right because uhhhh.... uhh.... I'm right dammit!!"

Author — DarkLink


“I’m sorry that astronomical phenomena don’t conform to your lifespan. It doesn’t make them fake.” is just about the best response to anything that I’ve ever heard.

Author — Fiona Gibson


I feel like my IQ dropped 10 points just from listening to those guys and their "evidence". Great video! You've got a new subscriber.

Author — Jeffery Beams


We know the earth isn't flat because if it was our cats would have pushed everything over the edge a long time ago.

Author — Scrat335


I failed physics but wow, these people really make me feel a lot better about my own intelligence

Author — dimtheblender


Hey All. The grand Illusion of the flat-earth con artists lies in how they came up with their map. Maybe Dave can make a video to show this. They took the globe, and all of our empirical data gathered by explorers so they could match the layout of the continents and oceans, a 3D shape, and they tried to make it into a disc shape, a 2D shape. In order to do this, they had to detach the south pole and then spread it out over the entire circumference of their model. This is impossible. How can one point in spacetime become and infinite number of points in spacetime around the 'so-called' ICE wall that surrounds the flat-world model and retain the oceans? Then they have the north pole as the CENTER of their map. Imagine it as the center of a clock. If you sail for fly toward the 12 on the clock from North, which is their MIDDLE, you are going the opposite direction in spacetime than somebody sailing or flying toward the 6 on the clock, and yet in their model you arrive at the same place, Antarctica. Impossible.

Author — Greg Wasko


Wow this is very funny. This video automatically played after I watched: Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of "Flat Earth". I guess that makes sense.

Author — MarcFireHart


"And if you can't understand that, it's not my problem!"
Why does that never get old for me LOL 🤣

Author — MiaMia


Man, I subscribed to this guy because my math teacher showed us a video of his.

Author — poggydoggy