Vaughn Gittin Jr. LAUNCHES His Car Into the Freedom Factory + Neighbor Qualifies For Formula Drift!

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. LAUNCHES His Car Into the Freedom Factory + Neighbor Qualifies For Formula Drift! 5

Vaughn and Chelsea stopped by the Freedom Factory and SENT IT! Too much fun hanging with these guys!
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P.S. Guys, I'm sure you can tell by the videos that Vaughn is an awesome guy. But let me tell you, this guy is as real as it gets. Ever since Ford Fest him and I have talked quite a bit. He's super supportive, and always offers great advice. He's one of the first people that knew about the Freedom Factory project. I just want ya'll to know that on and off the camera he is the same dude who just loves to have a good time. Really glad we were able to connect with him and his team at Ford Fest!

Author — Cleetus McFarland


No need to impress her, if she stuck with you while having a mullet then she ain't going anywhere

Author — Cecil Holdway


man nothing sounds like a yates wingin

Author — Sloppy Mechanics


Vaughn: “next time wear a helmet”
Cleetus: hops in a lambo and almost puts it in the wall

Author — GrassManKzoo


Vaughn seems like the most down to earth famous person ever.

Author — Andrew K


Gotta respect anyone who shows up with truckload of tires.

Author — John Bazett


Honestly the faith his girlfriend has in him is goals. Wicked

Author — Anthony Biggs


After seeing this, the pretzel design is perfect for drifting. I'd hate to see it get paved over now. I was all for the burnout pad, but I think now itll just make the track boring imo. Maybe the pad can be built elsewhere. Love the recent content on the ff.

Author — Joshua Gonzales


The new GF seems a lot cooler and ride or die than the last one.

Author — TurboDieselDan


I'm a 16 year old kid trapped in a 70 year old man's body. The smile on my face hurts. GOOD SHOW.

Author — Rodney Caupp


Here's an idea, "Freedom Factory Freestyle". A freestyle drift competition done kinda Monster Jam style. Competitors get an alotted amount of time to shred the track and showcase their skills, then get scored by a panel of judges. It would be an opportunity for you guys to build a drift car (which I think we'd all enjoy watching), and would be enjoyable for fans of all ages.

Author — Cody Peck


Anyone else here after his video on not showing his gf when u remembered him drifting with her

Author — cambobert 024


Do my eyes deceive me, or did Cleeter McSkeeter make an upgrade in the girlfriend department?

Author — damascusblade


I don't think I've ever watched a mustang this long without it ending up on the sidewalk.

Author — Josh Koch (Intimidator82)


“This one only has 450 hp”. So stock coyote, nice.

Author — Dustin Walden


I feel like the freedom factory's grand opening needs a military flyover during the national anthem.

Author — Kevin S.


Bro. Idk how long you been with this girl but thats wife material. Never seen a girl so excited to let er rip tatorchip !!

Also glad to see vaughn in the freedom factory dude is a straight haus

Author — crispysak


I swear if someone ever tries to say something bad about Vaughn I'll probably hit them. lol That guy has to be one the most down to earth people ever.

Author — Robert Wells


I was laughing so hard when you started duffing it in front of your girl. And laughed even HARDER when you added your commentary. Definitely came back and showed that mustang who’s boss. Thanks for the laughs brother!

Ps. Your slowly turning into a Ford guy weather you like it or not 😉🤣😂

Author — Brian dickens


"Maybe you can drive if you're feelin spicy"
bruh Cleetus is the whole jalapeno

Author — SwaffyX