On Pulwama, PM Modi's Dare For Imran Khan, 'Son Of A Pathan'

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On Pulwama, PM Modi's Dare For Imran Khan, 'Son Of A Pathan' 3.5

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday threw a challenge to his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan, asking him to act honourably by bringing to justice those responsible for the Pulwama terror attack. Addressing a rally in Rajasthan's Tonk, PM Modi recalled the phone call he made to Mr Khan to congratulate him for winning the Pakistani elections last year.

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It have a feeling that this pulwama act was an insider job. Staged act, It’s timing is highly suspect. It helps a great deal to BJP in upcoming elections. These people belittle india. So reactive, so sad.

Author — Budha 00001


IK invited Modi for talks but Modi was on his high horse.

Author — 63sunni


Now he made ind pak issue to
Gujju vs pathan.
Ethnic feelings bhi erect hoga

Author — Aswani Kumar


I think he is questioning himself, isn't he? ? ye jalim dusro ko sawal krne se accha tu apne girebaan me jhak k dekh. Pura desh tujhe yahi sawal kr ra he. Tu bol toh aise raha he jaise wo india ka pm ho aur tum hum me se ek.

Author — Amol Datta B.


Modiji, this isn't a topic to discuss in your political rallies. M your supporter but this is insane act. It clearly looks like political stunt. Hold a press meet like Imran Khan and say what you have to say for once.

Author — Satish H


Pakistanis and indians are like brothers they should talk about peace i hope peace comes to these two beautiful lands
Love from pakistan ❤️

Author — yaber alyousef


We are all brothers, we dont want war we want peace and justice love from Pakistan

Author — Saghir Irshad


Imran khan always stand on his words he is true legend. but unfortunately this modi is just doing stunts for election.
few month back they rejected the peace talk



I am from Lahore. I request both countries to resolve issues on table. Why stupid media wants atomic war in our society? Don't support hate please. Respect to both countries.

Author — Muzammil Butt


What is he saying? What Imran gave him the words?

Author — Mirror Mirror


Well done...this is what Imran Khan has said all along...peace, peace, peace...but then it's you and your foolhardy media. The moment a terrorist incident happens in India, you start blaming Pakistan because it wins you votes...but at what cost? As far as I understand, you get your own soldiers killed just to get in power...shame on you and your media.
Who started talk of War? It was you and not Pakistan...you have to reply positively to Imran Khan offer...

Author — Bhola Bangru


Lol that's ultimate level of savage that's like slapping a person without even touching the person....😂😂😂

Author — Markus Phenix


Nikal gaye hawa??? Bohat dhamkiyan dy rahe the ab dialogues karo aur imran Khan se acha prime minister apko nai mily ga modi sab, , , jo bolta hai wo kar k dikhata hai isliye mil beth k solution nikalo

Author — Khan Baba


I don't know why people can't understand this attack was planning for bjp elections

Author — M. Hussain


He has taken inoccent lives of soldiers should b behind the bars same as pakistani ex pm nawaz

Author — Sam Ch


Bhadka raha hai harami... He wants a war for political millage ...kameena

Author — Prabhash Bahadur


Indian Government had lost the case when they accused Pakistan for Palwama incident afer 30 mins of the incident ...

Before any investigation.

Author — barrieoo1


This is difference between chai wala and decent PM Pakistan

Author — piroz eslam


Modi must be awarded world best manipulator!

Author — fardeen qureshi


India has failed to prove that pakistan was involved. India has to work on its own intelligence agency which is failing to protect its soldiers. Instead of blaming others improve your own security.

Author — Aamir Kothia