RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD

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RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD
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Ethan: Spend all of resident evil 7 to rescue mia
Chris: Kill Mia
Ethan: really?

Author — Luis Daniel


Poor Ethan, just a normal guy stuck in the RE world.

Author — W1ND General


Ethan : "chris, why?"
Chris : "NO HORNY"

Author — 2. Arya Kusuma


Ethan: WHYY!?
Chris: Listen, I have a sister...

Author — HeroicGamerGuy


Ethan: “why?!”
Chris: *she did the dance of italy*

Author — Mace Windu


These vampires make me feel a way a normal human shouldn’t

Author — Random black guy on the internet


Ethan : * saves his wife multiple times from literal demons *
Chris, the guy who came in and rescued both of them : * kills his wife *
Ethan : All that for NOTHING????

Author — Yasser Boumediane


Chris: Sorry Ethan.
Kills Mia
Erhan: Why?!
Chris: there's been a mistake, only OG RE members can have a sequel, you belong in the void, with all the others RE side characters. Say hi to Sheva, she was my favorite.

Author — Hideroki


Chris: *shoots Mia*
Ethan: “WHY?!?”
Chris”.... so anyways my sister is single and...”

Author — Ajar Raccoon


Chris looks like he’s getting tired of this bs.

Author — GamerZrage


Ethan: WHY!?!?

Chris: lololol I'm such an Aquarius

Author — Mehmet Jinadu


Ethan : "WHY ?"
Chris : "idk man Mia Looking kinda sus"

Author — Dr. Pepper


Ethan: “why?!”
Chris: *never leave the boys*

Author — soggy banana


Chris: Kills Mia
Ethan: "Why!?"
Chris: "Because there are already too many characters in this franchise."

Author — Alphonse Elric x May Chang


I love how Ethan's wife can stab him with knives, impale him with a screwdriver, cut off his hand with a chainsaw, and also harvest one of the most dangerous bioweapons behind his back and Ethan can hack into her jugular with an axe and pulverize her full of bullets but is in distraught when Chris shoots her.

Author — Jimmy See.


Ngl Ethan sounds more annoyed than anything at the loss of his wife, like if someone just slapped an ice cream cone out of his hand.

Author — Eurtz


Jack Baker: “Welcome to the family son.”
Chris Redfield after killing Mia: “Keep it in the family son.”

Author — Susheel Badhan


Ethan: WHY!???
Chris: Ohh... sorry didn't know friendly fire was on.

Author — PoliWaat!


Ethan "Chris, please help"
Chris "Yeah, thats gonna be a no from me dawg"
*Proceeds to shoot wife*

Author — SpartanUruk


*I can already imagine the ending: Chris is dying inside a cabin; Ethan knees next to him.*

Ethan: "You are gonna be fine, Chris, hold on, help is coming."
Chris: "No, it is the end for me..."
Ethan: "Don't say that, Ch... (Chris holds his wrist and interrupts him)
Chris: "Ethan... (outside the snow stops and some sun light hits his eyes through the window)... I need you to do something."
Ethan: "Chris, you are gonna be"
Chris: "Ethan...! (coughs blood) Shit..."
Ethan: "Ok, Chris, anything, I swear. What is it?"

(Chris's eyes meets Ethan's eyes for about a second)

Chris: "Fuck Claire, fuck my sister."
Ethan: "What...?"
Chris: "Goddammit, Ethan, just listen. You must do it."
Ethan: "But Chris..."
Chris: "I trust you, goddammit, I know you can. You are a good guy, Ethan, you must continue the lineage. (coughs more blood) I once thought that Leon could do it, but he is all about asians, that asshole."
Ethan: "Who is Leon?"
Chris: "Doesn't matter... please, Ethan... swear to me." (Chris's eyes starts flowing with tears again)
Ethan: "I will do my best, I swear."
Chris: "Thanks, Ethan..."

(Sound of an helicopter approaching. Ethan runs to the window)

Ethan: "It's them, they are here!! C'mon, Chris, let's... Chris? (Ethan knees next to him and closes Chris's eyes, whose no longer see any light. But there is a smile on his face) I swear to you, my friend, me and Claire, we are going to have the best babies."

Author — Otávio Augusto de Moura