Get Baby Soft Pink Lips Naturally at Home

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Get Baby Soft Pink Lips Naturally at Home 4.5

With this simple remedy, you can get soft and pink lips naturally with the ingredients you have in your kitchen.

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1like to those who reads the comments while watching if its effective or not.

Author — mi chi ko


For the people talking bad about her skin, its probably how her face is naturally because it doesn't look like anything pimples or spots to me, for those of you saying she was using lipstick to cover her lip, well you obviously saw that she did a tutorial with her bare lip and it was pink, and for those insulting her, y'all are just jobless and negative.

Author — Erica Brownson


Avoid talking too much..very irritating wasting of time.please straight to the point..don't talk too much....

Author — Anabelle Parayno


giving hope though.. thank you so much 😊 never entertain negative comments.. keep on inspiring everyone. Godbless!

Author — Really Mearl


Guys does this work like in a day as the heading says.l need to know

Author — Suzan Namatsa


Me: wiping an onion on my face
Mum: walks in.. “what are you doing”

Author — Jemm


Demonstrate on someone who has a dark lips so we can see the effect cos you already have pink lips

Author — esther osei


The thumbnail is a completely different skin tone wowwww but i do like her video and it does work but yea



I thought you got black lips so I could see how it work. But you already have pink lips, i'm gonna try and see the result

Author — Joyce Muhemeri


Great tutorial I see so many negative people on here, I think you did a great job I'm definitely going to try this technique I have natural dark lips that I would love to completely fade, thanks for the tip.Youre really naturally beautiful be gone💣 to all of negative people.

Author — Lafara Love


If it works, why putting on lipstick, why not being Natural 😛😛

Author — Earners Line


Awesome... Pls avoid talking so much... N u beautiful 😍😊

Author — Ariel Ariel


But this lady lips wasnt dark. How can you convince us that it lighten dark lips

Author — Suzzie J.


Just skip to 1:50
That's when she start...

Author — Wiz Luther King Jr


Ok yeah what if I don't have honey, what do I use?😐

Author — Lebogang Sikiti


hmm talk too much ad....wen i wanted to watch d video ...I taught u said only onions am seeing series of....ingredients....😴😴😴😴😴

Author — Sophia Opia


Thank you for the best treatment but I have a question

Author — Diana Daudi


awww its so so beautiful dear tx 4r sharing 😍😘

Author — Night Star


It's a good one but u didn't say exact how long it will last at that period.

Author — Eze Okezie


Baking soda and honey is my go to lip scrub. I have never known dry lips ever since I started using it

Author — Jackie o