Eugen Enin Urban Skating Powerslide Next Black Red 80

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The POWERSLIDE NEXT Black Red 80 is a formidable urban inline skate, fast, durable, and customizable, this impressive skate sets a new standard for urban skating. It all starts with the renowned NEXT hard boot that’s not only precise, but also tough as nails and ready for intense urban inline skating. Skate fast, turn quickly, jump big gaps, the capable NEXT Black Red 80 can do it all with style. The NEXT hard boot is complemented with a supportive cuff that can be customized to match your individual skating needs. You can easily adjust the height and forward flex of the cuff, giving you the perfect fit every time. Of course, comfort is key and the NEXT Black Red 80 comes through big time with a heat-moldable MYFIT Recall Dual Fit liner. The liner incorporates memory fit padding that dampens vibrations, helps cushion landings, and provides superb comfort even during long skate sessions. The POWERSLIDE NEXT Black Red 80 comes with the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system that gives skaters a low center of gravity that gives you excellent stability and control. The TRINITY system also allows you to adjust the position of the frame to amplify your skating performance. Looking for a thrill? Mounted to the boot is the light and rigid Elite cast aluminum frames that have been proven to be an excellent frame for urban skating. The Elite frame now matches your shoe sizes, up to size 42/43 (EU). We deliver the skate with the 243mm/4x80mm setup, and from size 44/45 up the skate is equipped with a 275mm/44x90mm frame enabling you to upgrade your Next 80 to a Next 90! Riding on fast and grippy 4x80mm Spinner wheels and super-smooth WICKED ABEC 9 bearings, you get a fast, intense ride every time. Our mission with the POWERSLIDE NEXT Black Red 80 was to reach the perfect balance of performance, quality, and comfort in a hard boot urban inline skate. Mission accomplished.

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Very cool too see that crossover of aggressive skaters marketing big wheels. We are in such a good place at the moment with Sam Crofts, Nick Lomax, Danny Aldridge etc all mixing up disciplines. Very cool times 🙏

Author — First name Last name


These look superb! I'm a fan of My Fit liners, the Aeon 80s are my most comfortable skates!

Author — Rich Hayter Skater


Olha que vibe bro..sem palavras pra reagir...

Author — Samuel Jadson


He is probably skated more than he ever walked

Author — ıllı `ILHAM ıllı彡 X.V. 彡


Just found a pair of these at my local Goodwill for $10! So much more control than my old Rollerblade skates.

Author — Ruben Lotz


I want to be like you😫

To me, roller skating is feeling like you're a feather and making crazy moves that make you feel endless fun despite being tired.
Roller skating adds a touch of fun and extreme excitement
Changes the mood from an anguished person to a happy person

With these words coming out of me but I can't describe my love for akating

I got excited and felt gust like I'm skating with this dude😁😁

Author — Rayan Albusaidi


cool cool cool

I felt a shiver of excitement🤯🤯

Author — Rayan Albusaidi


Do next core black 80 also have a 275mm frame starting from a size 44(EU)?

Author — neizvesten