What is a Harpsichord?

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I love the sound of the harpsichord, it has a angelic sound to it

Author — Babeena_Gt _


When did keyboards go from large black keys with smaller white keys to the opposite that we have in today's keyboards and pianos? Anyone know?

Author — Benjamin Smith


Harpsichord is also great for training, because every mistake is 10x more hearable than on piano

Author — Martin Demsky


so a harpsichord plucks the strings and a piano has a hammer hit them. cool, thanks for the info!

Author — MyLittlePonyFan24


one of my favorite musical instruments. I wish it was more prevalent in today's music world.

Author — BEAKER6868


I LOVE Robert's happy voice and amazing attitude. As a music major writing a Music History Paper at 2am and hating my life right now, he definitely was able to lighten my mood and put a smile on my face, as well as provide some really helpful information. Thank you!!

Author — Carleigh Klein


I always thought of harpsichord music as sounding somewhat abrasive and sharp, but with that stop lever it's really gentle sounding.

Author — puhfrugherter


This guy is basically Mark Hamill if he played piano.

Author — Afro Trumpet


Since I first truly realized my love of music more than 35 years ago through my discovery of Bach, the harpsichord has been my sonority of choice in relishing exquisite structures in the type of music that speaks to my heart. However, I am keenly aware that this preference is only meaningful and organically appealing to me as an individual. When I hear harpsichord, I hear beautiful, angelic singing. The fact that it is harpsichord sound is not the least bit relevant to the deep satisfaction I derive from the Music itself. I just prefer the sound of harpsichord for the type of music that is meaningful to me. This doesn’t mean I am incapable of experiencing a strong reaction to my music being well performed on other instruments. My spouse finds the sound “grating” and “nerve racking”..., intolerable!

Author — mercoid


I saw one in a museum here in Puebla (Mexico). I wanted to know how it did sound like. Thank you for this review.

Author — Human Nature


It's an instrument I heard 1967-`1971 in hit records!

Love-"Da Capo" album
Paul Mauriat and Orchestra-"Love is Blue"
Doors-"Touch Me"
Judy Collins-"Both Sides Now"
Linda Rondstadt-"Long Long Time"
Partridge Family-"I Think I Love You!"

Badfinger-"Day after Day"

then in 1990s
"Strawberry Girl, Srar-f--r
and others, by Tori Amos.

Author — Steve Carras


This was great - but I would have loved to hear you play more!

Author — Shaeith


Just watching this guy talk puts me in a better mood.

Author — tarkin1980


We had a harpsichord at my college, in the corner of the voice instruction room. I used to sneak in at night and play it. 😁 There was also a baby grand piano in the gymnasium. :)

Author — Mark Walter


I like his enthusiasm..it's like he's trying to keep the attention of a hyperactive child...love it!

Author — Andwele Harris


Nice video, but could you clarify the difference between the two keyboards? Do they sound the same? Can you play each on a different adjustment?

Author — André Willik Valenti


I am interested if there is a tie between Harpsichord(and thus Piano) and eastern instruments like Santur, Qanun, Cimbalo, Koto, Zheng and other Tapped and Plucked Dulcimer Forms

Author — Arshan


I wish I could see the mechanics of the instrument

Author — Jeff Krebs


A harpsichord is like the child of a banjo and a piano

Author — Tom LaVelle


I somehow knew that intro would be on a harpsichord. Always wanted to play one.

Author — Quinton Williams