Pia Life Update: Finally Answering Your Questions! Part 2

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Hi, I’m Pia! Life Update Q&A Part 2

Na-miss niyo ba ko? It’s been a while…Queentuhan and real talk muna tayo about life, health, fitness, self care, self love and relationships. I’ll also be answering what my ultimate dream is and my real reaction about my bashers. Haha! Watch this!

P.S. BIG thanks to everyone who submitted their questions!

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What is your favorite NFT? :) What do you think has the most potential?

Author — Marvin Germo


the way Jeremy looks at Pia really melts me, you can tell he is so in love, I envy Pia

Author — Johnrey Abelanio


More of Pia and Jeremy content please! Literally straight out of any romance books out there (i.e. Wattpad😭) I love y’all!💜🧚

Author — otorva


Ang galing! Natural, no pretentions! Hindi kailangang mag English to project grace, class, and intelligence talaga! Queen P 💕

Author — gel gaitos


Pia is a very intelligent lady! I admire her humility and sincerity. She is not afraid to show who she really is...my fave beauty queen of all time...my husband can attest to that...No pretentions! Very entertaining person..

Author — Jacqueline U. Benitez


Grabe nabitin ako sa sweet moments with kulitan niyo ni Jeremy 😂🤣... Nakaka kilig kayong dalawa.. 🥰😍🤩

Author — celle M


I can see the sparks in your eyes Pia and of course Jeremy. May you continue to inspire people through your channel and the great insights from you…You can have a Q & A with Jeremy. All the best and have a blessed day everyone.

Author — Liza Chavacana The Original


So excited for this! Stay happy and healthy Queen P and Jeremy! 😘 You are such a delight to watch.. 😍😘💖

Author — Pinky Arturo


I’m so kilig!!! Watched that part so many times. The “I don’t speak tagalog baby” part had me 😂 . You guys are seriously couple goals

Author — Rycherry a


Hi Pia! I really enjoy watching your vlogs and getting to know you more. So nice to see Jeremy on your video.

Author — Therese Mendoza


Kinikilig ako pag nakikita yung mga pictures mo, pero ibang level yung kilig ko pag nagsasalita ka. 🤣 Keep shining! Keep inspiring Queen! ♥️♥️♥️

Author — Every Day Happy


Ooooh! Love ko kayong dalawa!! Jeremy and Pia ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Author — miss Dilly


I realized a lot in this video ❤️ Every words catch my mind to be more careless about what people think 😘

Author — Dany’s Vlog 🌙


Miss P, try doing a Q and A with Jeremy, if he's okay with it.

Author — Jaimee Leanne


Pia u are a woman of Wisdom ! You are indeed the Queen of all Queens..

P.s. Being reserved in the first meeting is very familiar to me coz i lived in Germany. The German's are observant people.But just like what you said once you know them better than they are a real friend..

Author — Manuel San Diego


I admire the way you talk and radiate all the positive thoughts to others. ❤️❤️❤️

Author — Jane Japz


Thanks Pia, for this. Such an inspiring and empowering video.

Author — hello hello


I live your vlog . Life changing for me because what you share can resonate every person who go through difficult times. Thank for being so real you are My Universe :)

Author — Small Town Girl


So much wisdom in this vlog! I love it so much! So many life lessons and realizations! Thank you Queen Pia!!!! More more more please! 😍😍😍😍😍

Author — john lemuel Salvedia


Thank u so much Ms pia. It warms my heart and uplift my spirit. Lesson Ed learned from u is its Okey to feel sad it's okay but learn not to dwell on them longer. Shake them off. Super sad kasi nitong pandemic super down ako prang laht NG pngit ngyri. From my kuyas sudden death at 35 last yr then ngkaroon NG cancer si papa then namatay si Lola ko. Then nghiwalay kmi NG ex ko. Pero watching you talk about how u bounced back made me realize so many things. Thank you queen p. ❤️

Author — shantal torres