12 YEARS Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home

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Bryce and Misty have spent the last 12 years building a cob home, homesteading, living off the grid, and homeschooling their two daughters. They live without a car, so for transportation, they use taxis and bicycles, and they eventually hope to have a cart that their two horses can pull. For food production, they have a permaculture food forest for fruits and vegetables, chinampa-inspired wetland gardens, a cow and a bull for milk, ducks and chickens for eggs, bees for honey, and they also forage and cultivate feral crops.

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These two have put in an impressive amount of work setting up their homestead. The house is built with clay that they collected from the wetland area of their property, their well was dug by hand, and everything from the fences to the staircase was made with wood from within a 20km radius of their home.

The cost to build the house was approximately $1,000 CAD. Most of the building materials (the sand, clay, straw, and wood) came from the land, and things like roofing, lumber, and windows they sourced from secondhand and reclaimed sources. Interestingly, they used several different natural building techniques in the home with each new addition. They usually start with a timber frame, and they have used cob, straw bales and wattle and daub, to fill in the spaces between the beams. And they've also explored using green roofs and earth floors.

Since moving to the land, they had two lovely daughters that they homeschool using unschooling and life immersion methods. They learn about food production, natural building, nature, math, reading, and more!

To earn an income, they do a variety of odd jobs including catering, seasonal farm work, a roadside plant stand, and they also receive the childcare benefit that all families in their province receive. Their primary focus is not how to earn more money but rather how to spend less and have more time. They try to produce as much of what they need on the farm.

For electricity, they have solar panels on the roof and a wind turbine (currently non-operational), for water they have a hand-dug well and rainwater collection barrels, for heat they have wood stoves, they have two composting toilets, and a rocket stove to heat water for their bathtub.

You can find out more about Bryce and Misty here:

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Imagine being an architect, a construction worker, a chef, a school teacher, a farmer, a scientist, a mom/dad, AND being sustainable. Incredible

Author — Erin Settle


I'm 22 and this is my dream, I don't want any fancy things in life, just wanna enjoy the simplicity of life and not wasting time on being employed. 💛

Author — Cruz Marco


I wish I knew and understood this kind of living when I was younger so that I could have planned my goals accordingly. Being bound to city life is really indeed a prison like life.

Author — Shaza Macmod


"A little bit of dirt cleans up everything." Most epic line in the entire video.

Author — Erik Thompson


After just watching a bunch of depressing news, this lifted my spirits.

Author — CrashBandits


Family "We built a safe eco friendly house for free!" Government "You are not allowed to build a house for free."

Author — Ryan Danger


I'm impressed at how you have pulled this off in a harsh climate, where you're under snow half the year. I didn't know you could keep livestock in such cold winters.

Author — truthbknwn


I’m 16, I’m really happy that I’ve found my passion this early on. I don’t really know where I want to buy property but I’ve got a few general ideas. I’m really exited since I’ll be graduating early next year, and will get to really and I mean REALLY start my dream by the time I turn 18.

Author — Nimhland


I LOVE this lifestyle...I LOVE this family and I dont even know them..The amount of knowledge they have is amazing..Just listening to them explain everything makes me want to go out in my back yard and build a she shed out of mud🤣..This has to be one of the most beautiful self sustainable homes and food forrest Ive seen..Its so fairytale-ish...😍😍😍😍😍

Author — Renae Nae


I was curious how many people would say something negative and I was so pleasantly surprised! I am currently living in my car, mostly by choice, and I have come considered upgrading to a van so that I can do this more comfortably and I do love the idea of living off the grid this way!

Author — Leilani Dow


I truly appreciated watching this it reminded me about my childhood with my uncle in Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 he would build these beautiful natural huts 🛖 I was with them and I loved helping and being there .

Author — Tania D


This was such a fascinating video to watch. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle for everyone to see. The one thing that I especially noticed about your family is that you all are very happy and you all look so extremely healthy! I hope you have success with the buildings codes etc. You both appear to be very knowledgeable about how things should be built and how they work. If more people decided to live like this, there would be less mental illness because it would keep everyone too busy to think about being depressed! Wishing I could live like in my next life!

Author — Gail


This is how we were meant to live; they are absolutely incredible.

Author — Belle D


The complicated simplicity of it is calling me. What a way to really feel independent, free, self built and maintained. It must be soooo gratifying.

Author — N English


I grew up like this. I was programmed to believe this was bad. Now its all I want. Any like minded persons out there? Let's start a community. Strength in numbers.

Author — Tee w


this is so wonderful, especially your last words where you talk about abundance for everyone and that we take life in our own hands.

Author — Sabina Marti


I like this very much, our Heavenly Father created such a beautiful planet earth that provides to all life. If only we could live in peace. Some day, many of us will!! Thank you Creator God for your perfect plan. Thank you for Your creation.

Author — JoEva Hargitt


"If all someone's time is spent, paying, for timesaving devices, then you haven't saved any time"-me(and probably other people too)(my grandpa, the farmer, approved message)

Author — Josh Austin


Inspiring, wonderful, candid portrayal of this family's lifestyle, and I especially love the art they built into their home. One question not covered is about their social life, especially for the kids--I hope that their social life is as fulfilled as their subsistence.

Author — Annika Ericksen


This is exactly what humanity is crying out for. Learning to live as we were meant to live. Working the land. Loving, respecting and benefitting from Mother Nature. Educating our Children ourselves, so they have real values and life skills, Instilling in them the importance of love, kindness and empathy. Allowing them to grow spiritually as well as academically instead of them becoming part of a corporate conveyor belt for the benefit of the greedy. Thank you Bryce and Misty for sharing your beautiful lifestyle with us. I wish you an abundance of love and happiness. Pete xx

Author — Peter Shields