The Regressive Left — Sam Harris and Douglas Murray on Regressives

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

The Regressive Left: Sam Harris and Douglas Murray on the Regressive Left

This is an excerpt from the Waking Up podcast, titled "On the Maintenance of Civilization", in which Sam Harris speaks to Douglas Murray about the regressive left. Harris and Douglas also discuss ethics, politics, religion, Islam, terrorism and war during the rest of the podcast.

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When Douglas gets on a roll, it's best just to sit back and let him get it all out. Produces some amazing monologues.

Author — Rekaert


I think the proof is in how both of these guys become more nuanced in the arguments over time. The ability to move someone's point of view is the measure of their honesty....if you make a good point they will give it to you.
I'd like to see public discourse get to the stage where people are laughed at if they try those shut down tactics of calling someone a racist or a bigot for criticizing an idea. We have to refine the BS detectors!

Author — seaglider844


"They sold their souls to the devil and they got stupid in return" haha epic!!

Author — Gabriel Pereira


"You're no use for anything" Best Douglas Murray quote ever!

Author — Aimen Fatima


Two very important voices of this time; Sam and Douglas. Keep it up guys!

Author — Mark DP


Years later still a wonderful conversation and as relevant as ever. I know that Doug’s rant in the middle is what brings everyone here and it’s amazing no doubt. But really the whole conversation is important and should be listened to. In particular the end is very important.

Author — Jennifer Kah


6:56: "You're a useless person..." one of my favourite Douglas Murray quotations.

Author — Colonel Hart


I think this might be the first time I've heard Sam Harris laughing.

Author — TheWhiteWolf


6:38, About the size of it all. Even Harris can't help but laugh. Great discussion.

Author — Sam Wise


Although Hitchens is irreplaceable I have come to see Douglas Murray as somewhat of a spiritual successor for a while now.

Author — Kurt


Murray always seems to talk a great deal of sense.

Author — Iain Dennis


You can tell Sam really enjoyed Murrays love it!

Author — James Johnson


"The adults have lost their competence"...did I hear it right?
Absolutely hilarious. As if Hitch's boots found a matching pair of feet.

Author — Martti Suomivuori


I absolutely love these debates from these two respected, educated, honest men 😀. I'm also very thankful I'm not on the regressive left...I feel liberated 😬

Author — Helen Stark


This is by FAR the best good common sense I've heard for a very LONG time.

Author — Scott Hullinger


Douglas Murray, what an incisive, to the point video, you have told it EXACTLY how it is, the best youtube vid on youtube.



I raise my glass of the best absinthe to Douglas Murray. Douglas, you have won a spot in "the Hall of People Who Rightfully Earn All of My Respects." Cheers :) :) :) :) :)

Author — Joe Doyel


Wow. This was a very enlightening talk. I graduated in 2014 and saw the beginnings of this strange social phenomenon happening on campus. I had no idea there are actually people now standing up to it. Good on you. We need a voice of reason amongst this regressivism taking place in schools. Teaching a whole generation of people to be perpetual victims cannot be good for their psyche, and is definitely not good for society as a whole.

Author — Shaman Of Truth


Two absolute geniuses waxing poetic on the regressive left...LOVE IT!!!

Author — Mimefield


Sam and Douglas consistently demonstrate clarity of thought and moral courage, against a tide of deeply regressive liberal elitist but deeply inexperienced individuals. The latter are very sad as they fail to see the damage they do to the serious and often chronic social justice issues that reflect real and present dangers for the poor. These people put their own 'need to be right' above what is actually right.

Author — Monterey2am