Game of Thrones Cast React to Season 8 at Final Table Read (Full Version)

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Everyone complaining about how Danerys died in season 8. But Cersei dying under the pile of bricks is the stupidest thing IMO.

Author — Abhay Nath


I love how Conleth Hill (Varys) was just disgusted the whole time

Author — Ben


Petition to throw season 8 out of the moon door:

Author — Gurll


I will keep liking the hate comments on this video until the end of time

Author — Debasmita Nandy


It's kind of ironic that only the actor playing a eunuch in the show had the balls to show disapproval over this horrible script

Author — The Social Trends


I love how all the comments range from a year ago to like 4 days ago. We’re still not over it.

Author — Marco Cassone


4:14 Emilia’s like: yeah Kit, they really did that to our careers 🤦🏼‍♀️

Author — Céfora Carvalho


Look at all of Varys' reactions. He knew this was nonsense, didn't even bother fake clapping or acting surprised. 😭😭

Author — Bubele Retshe


3:15- Varys once again representing the will of the people.

Author — AndrewG


Imagine if Avatar: The Last Airbender ended like Game of Thrones. Ozai is defeated by Sokka halfway through the final season. Aang never actually uses the other elements for anything and just stands around uselessly. Zuko then declares that he never cared about his honor, abandons team Avatar and goes back to join Azula, then they both get killed by falling bricks. Toph completely forgets about metal bending and never uses it again despite plenty of situations where it would've obviously been useful. All the Airbenders are inexplicably back for the final battle despite all being dead. Katara goes crazy and destroys Ba Sing Se before being killed by Aang. Momo then becomes the new Firelord. Then the show ends with Aang just walking off and going back into the iceberg.

Edit: hi reddit lol, I stole this from imdb

Author — Justin Hamilton


Game of Thrones: The story of Arya, the epic ninja assassin child

Author — Veki Paz


5:00 if only they did this with the actual script

Author — ??????


2:37 Varys with the ultimate expression for "utter horseshit"

Author — Ashwin Ramaswamy


Conleth Hill was really sat there like "tf is this? I hate it" and he's the only one with balls to show that he hates it. Everyone else just kind of awkwardly looks around because they think they'll be hated by the other actors if they say anything

Author — Jack Cutter


Kit Harington's reactions to the script really broke my heart when I first watched this. The visible disappointment he displayed when he found out that Arya kills the Night King and not Jon made me feel so horrible for him. Then, just to add insult to injury, he finds out that Jon ends up killing one of the most beloved Game of Thrones characters with perhaps the largest following... Like, damn.

Seriously though, the way Kit bursts into tears and Emilia sinks under the table in discomfort really just goes to show how heartbroken these actors were to see the characters that they have put blood, sweat and tears into for 10 years just get flushed down the toilet in two episodes. This was just so horrible to witness.

Major shout-out to Lena Heady and Conleth Hill too because their reactions were also hard to watch. I wasn't a huge fan of either Cersei or Varys but they were solid characters played by fantastic actors and their endings were horrifically mishandled too. I would hate to ever be in a position like that, having to work on a script that betrays the essence of the character you have poured your heart into for so many years of your life. I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of these actors had to seek therapy after this because of all the negativity that the final season brought upon them, not just because of the script being so terrible but because their fans were left angry and heartbroken for them too.

Author — Baked Alaska


Varys looks pissed, and who can blame him. His character used to be so great and ended up such a chump.

Author — Roj Blake


What we wanted : jon vs night king
What we got : euron vs kingslayer

Author — Dilip Kushwah


wow...Conlith distanced himself from that script faster than it took Drogon to turn Varys into ashes.

Author — Robert Knapschafer


I’ll never forgive D&D for what they did to Emilia. What a way to spit in her face.

Author — Yo Momma


What bothers me the most is that Dany's character was supposed to show that your parents don't define you and that you can be better than the stigma that will be levied against you, but they just turned her into another Mad Ruler like her father and brother... so much for the saying that the past doesn't define you and that you can change

Author — Mairen Flanagan