English Bulldog 🐶 One Of The Laziest Dog Breeds In The World #shorts

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English Bulldog | One Of The Laziest Dog Breeds In The World #shorts
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Author — Animal Planet Videos


I love how he says friendly and you see a bull dog knock another one over.

Author — Oasis the gecko


“Overall. English bulldogs are loving dogs.”

Meanwhile, the dog in the background: CAVALRY?! CHAAAARGEEEE!

Author — Bailey Bopper


“This can make it difficult for them to breathe” yea no shit that they’re lazy imagine trying to play but you can’t breathe so the only fun thing do they is “be lazy”

Author — HwangLino


English bulldogs are really cute, but seeing them always makes me a bit sad. They are considered a dangerously unhealthy breed and are susceptible to a significant amount of health problems, including major ones such as breathing, breeding, and birthing, and others such as issues with their eyes, ears, skin, skeletal structure, and ability to cool themselves down. This makes them expensive to buy and own. These poor dogs have been unethically bred so much to "look cute, " but it comes with the price of making their lives much more difficult. We've basically literally interfered so much that they now need humans to keep them and their breed going.

Author — Mr. Sleepytime T


"Playful and friendly"
*Shows footage of an armored sausage roll charging headfirst into another dog*

Author — Kayjeld


I used to have an English bulldog and he would quite literally never leave my side unless I was going somewhere

Author — MadMiniMurph


For its health pro...

"For being lazy"

Yeah, right, lazy, that's it.

Author — Indra Vṛtrahan


Bulldogs have always been a guilty like for me. I’ll see one and be like “aww he’s so cute” and immediately think “I’m so sorry we bred you into this suffering that is your smushed in nose”

Author — Frogben


Keep in mind that because they have trouble breathing, it's recommended (if they're not trained) to walk them in a harness to reduce the pressure on their necks. That combined with the fact that their bodies are so close to the ground, allows them to pull *really* hard; probably the hardest out of all the dogs I've ever walked and I worked in a dog kennel for a few years.

Author — kik0le


I have never yet met a bulldog that wasn't absolutely certain that I love them and want to pet them! Very gregarious pups!

Author — Melanie Zenor-Kelleher


I literately just got one yesterday. She’s 8 weeks old and I already love her to bits

Author — Bug Mom


“But that came be lazy and friendly” •casually shows one tackling another•

Author — That.one.Idiot.


I’ll always have a special place in my heart for English bulldogs. They’re adorable, I had one a few years ago named Gemma who only lived to a year old before suffering a stroke and unfortunately passing away :( I miss how she kicked her legs straight out behind her when she laid down like a little seal or something, and taking naps with her because she loved to chill with me.

Author — Cofel_’81-z28


They cute but I can’t stand short face dog because it’s breathing. I feel bad every time I hear their heavy breathing voice

Author — Dumb passerby


“but they can also be playful and friendly”


Author — pinxpanda16


I have two of them and they can be very crazy at some times, like most dogs the get the zoomies which is when the run around and run into walls. After a good play or walk they will pant a lot and you shouldn’t give them a bit of water. Unlike most dogs they can’t eat much but their dog biscuits as they will get very over weight and that can cause issues. The good thing about having bulldogs is that they are easily trained and very well behaved. The prices on these dogs can range from $1, 500-$8, 000.

I hoped this helped if you are looking towards buying one

Author — Little finch Creative


When mine gets going he runs around like a little rhinoceros:) it's soooo cute! Love him to pieces

Author — Veronica Dubin


Olde english Bulldogges are an alternative to regular bulldogs, behaving in an essentially similar way, but much healthier with a longer snout that eliminates the breathing problem.
They're kinda like the Retro pug, which are recreations of the olden times version of a pug to reduce breathing problems and improve general health

Author — depressionbomb


Basically me if I was a dog. Also, the puppies are so precious <3

Author — LiterallyLaen