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Cost if living in Canada is the first thing comes in to your mind when you get Canada PR via express entry. We are sharing all information around cost of living in Canada, monthly expenses in Canada and if one can survive on a basic job and minimum salary in Canada. Do like and comment if you like the video.

In This video we will be sharing:
Cost of living in Canada
Monthly expenses in Canada
Can you survive in Canada on minimum wage/salary
Cost of rent in Canada and Toronto
How much money you need in a month to survive in Canada

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We created this channel to help people who are planning for Canada PR or are already in Canada. We moved to Canada in April 2018 after getting Canada PR. In the process of getting the PR, we had so many learnings by doing lots of mistakes. We would like to share those best practices with everyone so that you can save time and efforts while acquiring Canada PR. We upload engaging videos for the relevant audience on how life in Canada is, how to get job in Canada and how anyone can settle down quickly. So, subscribe to the channel and be part of our family. Cheers!

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Hi, I was wondering about the health insurance and hospitals there. Would you kindly make a video about that. It would help many of us. Thank you

Author — Pooja Poudel


Very good video, here's my input, want to save money in Canada, don't rent expensive apartment (better live in smaller cities), don't shop in expensive shops, there are cheaper ones look around for them, never and I mean never finanace a car, save money and buy a decent used care between 7-4k (I bought mine for 2grands and it worked amazing), it all depends on the year and millage research before you buy a car, a lot of cars are lemons. Try not to eat out every damn day, treat yourself once in a while, trust me it's cheaper to cook. In general don't finance anything, if you don't have the cash then you can't afford it. Don't take credit cards if you do ( to build your credit score) take the least amount possible and basically almost never use it without paying back asap, and when u build your score burn that card. And lastly one of the biggest reason most immigrants are broke and working like crazy is buying a house they can't afford. Just don't buy house until you have more than enough savings for your future .Do these and you would be fine

Author — Oracle Bantu


4:24 - Lake shore and Park lawn. We are neighbors!

Author — Philippe Nguyen


You should have also mentioned that how much you both are earning together, so that we can get an idea of living standards more clearly according to your life style.

Author — Kanishka Khanna


I go to gym once a year just to pay the fees 🤣🤣😂😂👌👌

Author — Varun Khajuria


It seems u always showing us the expensive side of Canada. But what about benefits of staying there?

Author — Pooja V345


You should not talk about fitness 😂, you look very chubby

Author — Rakesh singh Chaudhary


Great video! Very informative. I'm moving to Toronto in the summer and your videos have helped a lot. Keep them up!

Author — Chris Law


sir, I've seen u in bramalea city centre. I wanted to talk to u, but got shyness that time. next time, I will not miss it out. ☺️

Author — Parveen Joshi


I am a canadian citizen and I really appreciate your great honesty most of the immigrants are misleading others as it happened to me which made me suffer for almost 12 years.
God bless you guys

Author — neckola hanna


Excellent information, love from Dubai, fingers crossed ❤

Author — Dr Oz


You guys are adorable ❤️. I've seen you from day 1 and it's been such a long journey. Haahah I remember your walk to the grocery store when you landed !

Hope to see you guys someday in person !

Author — Abdulaziz Ahmed


It will be good if you show the grand total by adding up all of your expenses.

Author — Farhal Ali


Thanks for literally talking out your ass for 20 minutes

Author — DeWah


I watch u r vedios i felt very happy sure i and my son also follow u r videos and u r suggestion all the best for u r bright future

Author — lalitha ramesh


0:17 pseudofemenists be like, "We don't judge🤬." 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Parth Gupta


im so happy with your tips and informations, im moving to canada with my wife. may i ask which province and city you live in ?

Author — Kay Taheri


so lets say a single person earning 5k monthly then how much will be tax deduction and how much will be in hand??

Author — Heershil Parmar


I've been watching your videos since 2018 .
You guys have evolved
I am thinking about applying for PR in Canada . My wife is a PhD holder and I am an engineer ( Electronics ) with business in Delhi .

I need to ask you guys some Q's:
1) what were your education qualifications before coming to Canada
2) what are your job profile's here now ( do not mention salary )
3) how much time did it took you to get your first job
4) what's the job scenario now in Toronto
5) what's the status of cannabis jobs in Ontario and Alberta

Author — Amit Verma


you both look really good together and i am happy for you both for a new life. thnx fr sharing this vid its verry helpfull.

Author — mehul shah