James Veitch - Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow 2018

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James Veitch - Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow 2018 5
#JamesVeitch fills out a doctor's form in true Veitch style. Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow. Palais Theatre, Wednesday 28 March 2018.

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Established in 1987, Melbourne International Comedy Festival (#MICF) is one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world, alongside Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival.

Over the last week of March and into April every year, #MICF transforms Melbourne into the comedy capital of the world, as local and international comedians take to theatres, pubs, clubs and broom cupboards citywide - shining a spotlight on the silly, the serious, the heart-breaking and the hilarious.

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James Veitch is the only comedian I've seen who can roast a FORM.

Author — cromusic ibra


Funny thing is that James’ birthday is April 1st.

Author — Baldur Jökull


i love this guy....no curses, no dirty jokes, no nothing but still unbelievably funny

Author — The R


This dude needs another TEDtalk or a proper 1-hour stand-up all to himself. His sarcasm and jokes are hilarious! Its a whole unexplored avenue of jokes and the PowerPoint presentation really suits the comedy, ironically.

Author — navataru


Can Netflix give him a special already

Author — Nick Meyers


Thanks for your video -
Your Case Number is

Author — The Hutch


James, we need to talk about the ducks.

Author — Mrugal Shah


Doc: You wrote "death is inevitable."

James: It is-! They should have told you on Day1!


Author — alex


Since I saw a Ted-Talk from him I was in love, this dude is so great. Hope to see him more often!

Author — Harvin


"Have you considered suicide?"
Yes I have, but I'm not the type to commit to things.

Author — No Idea


What sucks is that his humor was probably lost on whoever read the form afterwards XD

Author — Zepher Tensho


Based on his TED talk I invested all my money in hummus.

Author — mrimatt


This guy would make a great Doctor (Doctor Who)

Author — Ulquiorra Cifer


that had me cracking up haha

Author — Tom van Rens


UGH i'm in love, he's so so funny! He needs his own show on netflix already!!

Author — Lexi Unicorn


Every single joke is on point.  Clever jokes, clever delivery, clever performance.

Author — Jonathan VonEngeln


I imagine him signing up to thousands of dodgy sites and replying to all their spam for days on end just hoping for legitimate spam comedy material.

Author — Ragazar


ER Doctor to me, years ago: "Do you hear voices?"
Me: "I can hear yours..just..fine.."
ER Doc: (annoyed), "No, no..I mean, do you hear voices?"

I realize looking back now, that what he was trying to determine was, whether or not I was sane. Doctors interviews are ripe with exchanges such as this, since most medical people are pompous, indifferent, and only half listening anyway. I love James Veitch's off the wall observations. He speaks for us all, when we encounter the immovable. He.. moves it!!

Author — Cynthia Hawkins


The multiple choice test that he used is for ADHD! xD

Author — Slifer Todd


I love James Veitch. Personification of "what happens next results may shock you".

Author — The Emperor of Man