King Harold: Fact or Fiction (Anglo Saxon Documentary) | Timeline

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King Harold: Fact or Fiction (Anglo Saxon Documentary) | Timeline 5

Tony Robinson reveals the real story behind the last great Anglo Saxon king. Far from being just the loser at the Battle of Hastings, Harold was a charismatic leader.

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Why are YouTube ads louder than the original videos. Actually these ads make me hate the products being advertised...

Author — S K


I love how Tony Robinson actually goes to the places where all of this happened. Makes the documentary so much better.

Author — raptors887


Unlucky Harold: Beat the Vikings in the Semi-final, but lost to the Normans on penalties.

Author — Paul Coleman


I've been watching a lot of Tony Robinson documentaries lately and I've noticed something: He almost always mentions that something happened "on an industrial scale."

Author — Gail Gurman


Harold was a great King, fought off a conspiracy against him, fought the Vikings in an incredible battle, weakened he fought the normans. A died a true warrior.

Author — Matt Read


1066 in a nutshell: a Norseman vs a Norseman vs a Nor(se)man

Author — Rodolf Nordmadr


I love Tony Robinson documentaries! Please keep them coming! 🙂👍

Author — TwistedGeniusMedia


Tony Robinson's documentaries are always interesting to watch ^^

Author — Faeyrie


I can tell that Mr Alfred Smyth is an Irish man but he’s a planter, his accent and his name give him away.

Author — Hrafn of Thule


I wonder how history would have gone, what the English culture would have been, had Harold won the day and William sent back to Normandy with his tail between his legs.

Author — PromiseRW


we're still slaves since 1066, lost all our land to the Norman Robber Barons

Author — Alice Wilde


Why hasn’t there been a tv series made about Harold Hardrada, William the conquerer, and Harold Godwinson. Such an interesting time and they all that they different kind of rise to power. Hardrada In the service of the Byzantine empire and his rise to become commander of the Varangian guard. That would be a huge tv show . If they ever made it.

Author — Glyn Humphrey


Harold is an interesting character and I’ve always enjoyed reading about him. I feel like he typically gets associated with losing Hastings along with his life and that is it but in reality the whole story is fascinating up until his end.

Author — The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages


There should indeed be a tremendous monument to 'our King Harold' as there is no truer symbol of England.

Author — Constantius


Baldrick would know with a turnip on his head more than most about history.

Author — jesus jones


On the other hand: The angry violent Norman/vikings who took over England, brought with them the tools of tyranny and government, which ultimately drove the British Empire to conquer (almost) the whole world! The Anglo-Saxon heritage ultimately tamed the tyrants and instituted a strange dichotomy: A powerful military country governed by Anglo-Saxon notions of collective decision-making, the fruits of Magna Carta, limiting the powers of the King.

Author — slehar


"Not to worry Harold, I have a cunning plan"

Author — Just Beyond The Corner Productions


Charlton Heston was asked to play William, he turned it down saying he would only play Harold as he was the true hero.

Author — David Mcintyre


Thank you for this, British history is so fascinating!

Author — Renee McDowell


I’m polish and I love your, our European history, ,,,

Author — May September