World Map Timelapse of the Coronavirus (January 20 to April 1)

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World Map Timelapse of the Coronavirus (January 20 to April 1) 4.5

The video shows the timelapse of the coronavirus by map worldwide from January 20 to April 1, 2020. The virus originated from Wuhan, Hubei, China in late 2019 and spread to over 180 countries by April 1, 2020.

World Health Organization & CDC & Worldometers

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Non-island countries still free of coronavirus:
North Korea, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Malawi, South Sudan, Lesotho

Author — WawamuStats


Every single day it still hits me that this is actually real and not just a dream and it feels weird

Author — Yee Haw


China gets corona virus, many people in china die
Usa: meh, their problem
1 person dies outside of China

Author — UltimateSumo Wager


This is basically a real life version of plague inc.

Author — Chester chen


I don't know why, but this music makes me cry. It's so sad seeing the world being infected and this music just make me sad more and then I start crying. I've never thought we would pass through it. I am Brazilian! Greetings from Brazil! Let's be confident, everyone! Everything's gonna be okay, but we have to do our role, to prevent! I believe everything's gonna be alright soon.

Author — Luan Gabriel Souza dos Santos


Symptoms now: cough, fever etc
Symptoms when everyone on earth is infected: total organ failure

Author — A P


In the future, this video will be used in a history lesson

Author — Michael


It's weird man. At the time of the start of the video I and my friends, like many others, were joking about the virus and how it'll never make it here and stuff like that. Feels like ages ago now. That's not to say, of course, that we're really depressing now and stuff, but every time we do joke about it, it hits so differently.

Author — _ underscore_


The music it hits me every time, seeing all of these countries quickly being effected by this devastating virus, spreading rapidly around the globe, our world is a living nightmare...
Another side of me is also happy, seeing how many people recovered, living happily.
Please save our world and make it a better, peaceful planet 🌍 by liking the grey thumb and making it blue, every like is how many people are recovering today and forward...
⬇️ Show respect to others!

Author — big panda ? ? ?


Me: Trying to tell apart all the different shades of red.

Author — ABC


Mosquitoes coming out after winter:
“Where tf did everyone go?”

Author — Korean Popcorn


It’s scary to think that one of my friends or family members could die and everyone else would just see a number on a graph. Really makes you think about everyone who has been effected

Author — Sam T


My grandad: back in my day we had to walk 28km to school everyday

Me in 47 years: back in my day we had to wipe our asses with paper towels and rags we found in the shed because there was no toilet paper

Author — Skrixzy


Greenland : *gets infected*

Me : _Wait, that's illegal_

Author — Nina Umengan


"The Entire World Getting Infected by Covid-19"

North Korea: NOPE !

Author — Colin Castle


USA: gets infected
Mexico: I think that we need the wall now

Author — It’s Always Sara


Crazy that this isn't just another challenge or struggle only faced by my country, but actually an issue the whole world is facing together... Prayers from South Africa 🙏🇿🇦

Author — C-lia


Its still crazy how thousands of people die everyday..

Author — bircan pekgoz


When all the countries get infected

: we’re in the endgame now

Author — DroopTenZ


Greenland: **gets infected**

Everyone: *Now this is an Avengers level threat.*

Author — Bean