AP CM YS Jagan Meets KCR @ Pragathi Bhavan | KTR | Manastars

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AP CM YS Jagan Meets KCR @ Pragathi Bhavan | KTR | Manastars 4.5
Watch AP CM #YSJagan Meets #KCR @ Pragathi Bhavan

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அட அட அடா ஆஆ என்ன அடக்கம்...எவ்வளவு எளிமை.. அருமையிலும் அருமை...கர்வம் இல்லா மனிதனாக வளர்த்த உங்கள் தாய்க்கு வணக்கம்

Author — sk.sami durai


ஜெகன்மோகன் ரெட்டி தமிழ்நாடு ஃபேன்ஸ்😘😘😘

Author — Parthi Pan


KCR set to pay heavy price for
1.Making Mahmood Ali as Home minister
2.For neglecting Harish Rao .

Author — Sai Surya


20 students osuru mattigottaku potaru re

Author — Naveen Nicky


Chandra Babu gaariki return gift ichey panilo padi kuturu kavitha akka ki katnam petadham marchipoyaru KCR gaaru😜😜...

Author — Jyothika Goud


Don't worry all if KCR neglect harish rao next CM Harishrao only

Author — Embadi Mahesh


मी असा दिलखुलास मुख्यमंत्री पाहिला नाही....👌👌👌👌👍

Author — Rajendra Bhalsing


Where is HarishRao in this? KCR will pay for this

Author — Srinivas Charupally


Enkendi both can share public money nicely

Author — adarsh c


Family internal politics, He was not introduced legendary leader Harish Rao sir.

Author — balaji d


KCR is living in a simple house, poor CM in the state😭

Author — Saran C


Start chei inka EVM rigging discussion...

Author — Prem Gujeti


K.c.r deeply neglecting Harish Rao, which is really bad ., we are not seeing Harish Rao in any meetings with kcr

Author — Ram Kumar


So self discipline n awesome mannerism, humbleness, more activeness, a smile on his face brings us joy n Happiness ..he s so dedicated ...all the best sir #YSRJMR sir

Author — HARISH Kumar


Over action by KCR and over reaction by Jagan...How big and empty the hall is...So are their brains....Disgusting duo!!!

Author — jyothi K


Y . S. R tittina thittlu papam k.c.r Garu marchipoyaru

Author — Ravi Kumar


Solid leaders in telugu states...cunning leader packup

Author — JR


I love my south Indians culture the way they join two and say namaste

Author — Mohd Arif


Great, wonderful and down to earth person👍👌 by looking at him I am feeling very proud to see such a hardworking person... I wish him all the very very best & may god bless & lead him to get more success

Author — Mals JM


I love Telangana and Andhra people bcoz frauds Ni yechukunamu cm what ye India sir ji... mis u Harish Rao

Author — Satish Goud